Top Ten Money Saving Videos of 2010 on

The Top Ten Money Saving Videos of 2010 on

We are so fortunate to be able to bring you so much valuable and insightful content provided by the many talented and knowledgeable money-savers from across the globe who are devoted to helping others come closer to achieving personal financial success.

And, a very special acknowledgment with our deepest gratitude and appreciation goes out to all of the contributors in our Originals Channel, who generously gave their skill, time, effort, hearts, and their professional wisdom and expertise in creating videos exclusively for They are: Daniel Delaney, The Dolans, Marie Forleo, Garrett B. GundersonRyan Lee, Alexis Neely, Joe Polish, Sean Stephenson, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Here is the List of Top Ten Money Saving Videos of 2010 :

10. Money Map for Entrepreneurial Success – Alexis Neely (an SLTV Original)

Personal finance/business coach and lawyer, Alexis Neely, shares entrepreneurial insights and shows how true success is easily within your reach. In this Exclusive clip Alexis brings you inside her easy 6-Step Money Map to Freedom Process, to target your true desires for business and life, help you clearly identify your true goals, direct you toward richer financial well being and generate more success.

9. Magically Lower Your Interest Rates – Garrett B. Gunderson  (an SLTV Original)

In this Exclusive video Garrett gives a easy pointers to save more money and free up your cash flow with 3 magic words you can use to receive lower rates on creditcards, car and personal loans, home mortgages, and business lines of credit. Garrett B. Gunderson is the producer and host of the radio program, “Five Tracks to Wealth, The Producer Power Hour,” and is the author of the New York Times personal finance bestseller, Killing Sacred Cows.

8. Consider Travel Insurance – June Walbert (as of 12/2013 this video is no longer active)

Travel insurance could save you a lot more than just a travel headache. Consider these tips before planning your next big trip from June Walbert, USAA Certified counselor.

7. Clip Coupons: Serious Scissors Tips – Author Unknown

As long as we still need to clip actual coupons from inserts, flyers and newspapers, these pointers are invaluable for speeding up the tedious process.

6. Rich Romantic Times for Less – Sean Stephenson (an SLTV Original)

How do you give your date that rich classy time with a wallet running on empty? In this Exclusive segment relationship expert, therapist, speaker and author of Get Off Your “But,” Sean Stephenson gives you what you need to keep your wallet happy, wine and dine, be cozy, creative, get communicative, and… who knows?

5. Save Big with Shopping Rewards Programs – Karen McGuire & John Ewoldt

Big savings can really add up fast with shopping rewards programs. Star Tribune reporters, Kara McGuire and John Ewoldt, aka: The Dollar Duo, give great pointers to get more out of these programs and save more money.

4. Keep Your Customers! –  Ryan Lee (an SLTV Original)

In this Exclusive clip, Ryan reveals one of the biggest mistakes business owners make and gives you valuable pointers on how to keep your biggest asset – your customers – coming back for more. Ryan Lee turned his love of fitness into a multi-million dollar online empire. Currently, Ryan concentrates on teaching other passionate people how to copy his remarkable business success.

3. Be a Customer Who Gets What You Want! – Gary Vaynerchuk (an SLTV Original)

Customers have more power than ever before. In this Exclusive clip Gary Vaynerchuk speaks on how being an engaged consumer gets you more of what you want from brands. Vaynerchuk is the New York Times bestselling author of Crush It, speaker, video personality, and American businessman who transformed a small family-owned liquor store into a $60+ million annual revenue business in less than 10 years. His blog focuses on business, emerging technologies and cultural trends, and he is co-founder of Vaynermedia.

2. Maintain a Mindset of Abundance – Marie Forleo (an SLTV Original)

In this Exclusive video Marie Forleo shares easy actionable steps you can use to stay strong in creating a platform of abundance to attract success, financial control, and feel great about your potential. A best-selling author, speaker, and online-entrepreneur,  Marie has defied conventional wisdom and helps many achieve phenomenal success through her dynamic coaching programs, masterminds, home study programs, live events and blog.

1. Avoid These 8 Retirement Mistakes! – The Dolans, Ken & Daria (an SLTV Original)

In this exclusive segment, The Dolans give you great advice for all age groups – about saving money, planning for retirement, 401-k’s, & how to avoid costly retirement investment mistakes. For more than 20 years, Ken and Daria Dolan have been the trusted source for real money solutions. Ken and Daria give you the Straight Talk you need to get more bang for every buck, erase debt , save more money and make smarter, more confident and successful money choices.

And additional thanks, the website for anything and everything top ten, for providing the inspiration to compile this list, as well as our list of Top Ten Money Saving Tips from Experts, too!

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