10 Luscious DIY At-Home Spa Ideas for Almost Free

Watch for Spa Week in April to receive amazing deals on spa treatments in your neighborhood! But in the meantime:

Enjoy our 10 DIY At-Home Spa Ideas that you can do with items you probably already have on hand! (see below)

Excerpt from a San Francisco Chronicle article online about Spa Week, April 11-17, 2011:

Spa Week: An Affordable, Healthy Wellness Lifestyle for All. Spring 2011 Event Offers the Most Cost-Conscious Way to Rejuvenate
New York, NY (PRWEB) January 19, 2011
Spa Week, created in 2004, is the original, largest and most successful Spa Marketing Event in the history of the spa industry. Nearly 1000 spas across North America concluded their participation in the Fall 2010 Event, and bowing to popular demand,
Spa Week will further expand into even more cities for the Spring 2011 Event. Taking place from April 11th – 17th, the 14th edition of Spa Week will provide consumers across the United States and Canada with the most luxurious and wellness-focused treatments available. Day spas, medical spas, resort spas, yoga and Pilates studios, and fitness/weight-loss centers among other beauty and wellness facilities will offer 2-3 of their most exclusive services, originally costing anywhere from $100 all the way up to $500, for a discounted price of $50 each.

For seven years now, the signature $50 price point has afforded consumers nationwide the ability to try different treatment types at different spas, putting an end to the old myth that the spa lifestyle can only be afforded by the rich and famous.

We hope there’s a participating Spa week salon in your neighborhood and that you are able to take advantage of the opportunity to experience treatments you would not normally have access to, to try something you’ve always wanted to, or to just relax and recharge for a few moments. (Sounds good to us!)

But no matter what week or day it is, you can enjoy your own spa right at home, and virtually for free. We’ve got 10 Top Video Tips for fantastic, luxurious, practically free DIY beauty indulgences that will have you feeling pampered and refreshed in no time, anytime!

Enjoy these Fantastic DIY Spa Ideas you can do in your home with items you probably already have!

Spa Treatments for Less – Consumer & lifestyle reporter Janette Pavini shows how to find discounts & budget prices for spa, hair & beauty treatments to stay pampered without breaking the bank.

Aspirin Facial Mask – How to make your own beauty face mask easily using aspirin to brighten and exfoliate your skin from beauty advisor Michelle Phan.

Tomato Scrub – Michelle Phan shows how you can take a tomato and turn it into an invigorating complexion beauty scrub with this comprehensive beauty tutorial.

Healthy Skin With Rice Water – How to use rice for healthy glowing skin. You can use rice water as a facial toner or  mask for glowing complexion, it’s super simple and practically free! Michelle Phan, the official video makeup artist for Lancôme, shows how.

Beauty Secrets From Your Kitchen – Natural beauty remedies for great beauty treatments that won’t stretch your budget from Rachel Hayes, editorial director of dailymakeover.com.

Beauty Secrets of Models & Celebrities with At Home Items! – The surprising beauty secrets used by models & celebrities for head-to-toe spruce ups that anyone can afford from author and beauty researcher Diane Irons.

Create a Calming Spa Bath – Entertaining & lifestyle expert Colin Cowie demonstrates how to make a calming spa bath in your own home using simple natural ingredients that you probably already have.

Spa at Home for the Guys – Lisa Kasanicky of ArizonaSpaGirls.com whips some simple at-home spa remedies for the guys.

Hand Massage Lesson – Health-Choices Massage School gives an excellent simple tutorial on how to give a gentle relaxing and rejuvenating hand massage for a little DIY spa at home… sounds good right?

Simple Foot Reflexology Massage – A quick demonstration of some of the basics in a reflexology foot massage that you can easily share as part of a calming DIY spa experience right at home.

Link to this article: http://is.gd/K5quKB


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