Vegetables Save You Money

The last week in July is USA’s National Don’t Eat Meat Week.

We’ve heard from multiple sources that going vegetarian even just once a week can save considerable food budget dollars.  That fact alone is enough to give it a try if you haven’t already… and the tips on growing your own vegetables along with the delectably delicious recipes featured in the videos below will keep your budget and your appetite happily satisfied.

Healthy Living Meal: Serve 4 for Under $40 – Christina Pirello, PBS TV Host of  “Christina Cooks.”

99 Cent Only Store Cookbook – Spinach Artichoke Tarts – Author of The 99 Cent Only Store Cookbook, Christiane Jory.

Healthy Gourmet for Less – Edward Hamann, Sur La Table – Edward Hammann,  Sur La Table Culinary Instructor.

Black Bean Dip – Melissa d’Arabian, Host of The Food Network’s “$10 Dinners.”

Grow an Organic Garden: Save Money – Pam Ruch, Organic Gardening Magazine Research Editor.

Garden Vegetables: Amazing Tricks & Tips! – Creative and inexpensive ways to keep your garden thriving.

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