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Coupon Score for the Honda Pilot 90,000-Mile Tune-up.

Time for the 90,000 mile tune up on Michael’s 2005 Honda Pilot.  Michael’s kept up with the oil changes and lucky, the car hasn’t really required much more than that. It’s served him well through various hauls to colleges, moving, and carrying yard supplies.  He was happy to keep the car for a lot longer, but wasn’t exactly happy about the thought of  the $902 it was going to take to do the proper safety inspection and service that the car needed.

But, Michael’s gotten pretty keen about scouting deals.  Pret-ty, pret-ty keen. He went online and checked for any coupons his local dealer might be offering.  They did have a page with offers.  It was a long page to scroll through, but finally way down at the bottom, he found a really small coupon – THE coupon:

We’ll match any other dealer’s coupon plus an additional 5% off.


So, he continued to search online for Honda dealer tune-up coupon offers and found this:

Honda 90,000-Mile Tune-up Special for ‘Senior’ Cars, 20% Off.

The dealer offering that 20% off coupon was in Arizona.  Michael lived in New Jersey at the time. But he brought a printed copy of the web page  showing the Arizona 20% special discount offer, and his dealer’s online coupon-match+5% discount offer …and they honored it all!

Michael’s  savings totaled  25% — $212.

Now, we call that being a sharp spender.  It took Michael maybe all of 20 minutes and a  just few clicks to find some big savings.  And thank you, Honda, for keeping your word!  Gotta love it!

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