Thanksgiving Wines Your Table & Budget Will Love

The traditional Thanksgiving Dinnermeal has traditionally presented a bit of a challenge when deciding on the perfect wine to serve. This is because the Thanksgiving holiday meal can be unique to each individual family, each cultural tradition, may change from one geographical area to another, and always contains an enormous array of spices, seasonings, vegetables, sweets, grains, and proteins, served all together all at one time… there is no limit to the flavors which might be present at this holiday feast, and choosing the perfect wine to match every flavor is almost impossible. So, how DO you select a wine to serve for this challenging meal? And as if all that isn’t enough, add a budget-conscious focus to the task and selecting a wine becomes even more of a challenge. But SpendLessTV loves a challenge.  Here are videos with tips on how to match wine with your Thanksgiving Dinner (or any Holiday Dinner), and how to spot quality wines at quality prices, to keep you, your guests, and your budget happily enjoying your holiday dinner traditions.

Thanksgiving Wine – Wine blogger and reviewer,  Matthew Horbund, shows three wines to go with almost anything your Thanksgiving meal throws at you, all for under $25

Thanksgiving Wine Pairings – The wine specialist from the gourmet neighborhood markets, Fresh and Easy, takes you through each course of a Thanksgiving dinner and suggests a wine selection to go with each, and no bottle is over $15.

Thanksgiving: How to Pick a Wine – The producers of, a video series specializing in showing how to do anything, bring you all-around great pointers to use as a guide when selecting the right wine for a Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving: Top 5 Wines – Stew Leonard, owner of Stew Leonard’s Wines, and their Vice President, Jerry Martellaro, review and share their top five wine picks to enjoy with a Thanksgiving meal, and each is under $20.

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