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Okay, maybe you still have some holiday gift shopping to do. Or now someone’s begging you to send the traditional chocolate chip banana bread that you haven’t made yet. Or you’ve just got that last minute something that needs to get mailed, and it has nothing to do with a holiday.  Whatever the reason, there’s always something to be sent.  I’ve spent more than I like to admit on shipping charges simply because I’ve been in a hurry and haven’t had time to investigate options and do some price comparing. And there are so many variables that by the time all the fees and charges are totaled up I’ve almost forgotten what it was I was sending to begin with!  Registered, return-receipt, insurance, certified, first, second, third, media, library, parcel, priority, bulk, global, over-sized, one, two, three, or more-day delivery, weekend, ground, air, boat…

We’re happy to report that fortunately there is one revolutionary concept which the United States Postal Service has implemented that really simplifies the whole complicated shipping pricing issue, and using it “could” save you a lot, especially if your package is on the heavier side.  It’s Flat Rate boxes.  One box, stuffed as full and as you want, regardless of weight up to 70 pounds, for one flat fee. (That’s a lot of banana bread). There are six box sizes and two envelope sizes, each with its own flat shipping rate.  Below are details quoted from the USPS site for the   5-3/8” x 8-5/8” x 1-5/8” sized box:

The Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box has a retail shipping price of $4.95 — one price, regardless of weight, up to 70 lbs. for U.S. addresses. The international price, for up to 4 lbs., is just $10.95 to Canada or Mexico and $12.95 to all other countries, with savings of 5 percent for customers who ship online. Online prices also are lower for shipping to U.S. addresses. The online price is $4.80, and for large volume mailers who qualify for USPS Commercial Plus pricing, the price is $4.75.

And it gets better: The boxes themselves are free! You can pick them up from the post office, OR  they’ll send you the boxes free of charge! And, on top of that, they’ll pick up your ready-to-ship package from your home, also free of charge!  You can even purchase postage online and print it out from your computer’s printer.

If you want to add some bells and whistles, like tracking, you can do that online, too.

Pretty simple! But one note of caution:  Flat rate is a great option if your package is on the heavier side, but if your package is on the lighter side, you may do better to send it priority, regular, second class, or printed-material rate instead of flat rate. You have to weigh your package and check out price options online or ask at the post office.

I think it’s quite amazing that a single post card can make it’s half way around the world right to my mailbox, and now I also appreciate a more convenient, less complicated way to send packages that saves time, gasoline, and saves me some money too. Ah… can’t ya just smell those chocolate chip banana breads baking in the oven now?

So, even if you missed Free Shipping Day, never fear, you can still get your goodies sent for less.

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