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Big cities = big parking problems. Big shopping days anywhere = big parking problems. Big special event = big parking problems. And airport parking = always big sky-high parking problems! And they ALL = BIG PARKING FEES!  We at SpendLessTV are centered in the NYC metro area, so we’re always facing big parking problems, and we know to expect extra additional difficulties during holidays, high shopping season and around special events.  Recently Joe, a SpendLessTV email subscriber, brought to our attention that parking discounts for major parking facilities and independent lots could be easily found online and offered substantial discounted prices.  Though we were a little embarrased that we hadn’t discovered this money saving avenue for ourselves, that didn’t stop us from immediately making use of this easy money-saver and bringing this knowledge to you, for an easier, more budget-friendly pleasurable parking experience!

Some of the companies mentioned here are specific to the NYC area and others are national. To quickly locate discounts in your specific geographical area, or one you may be traveling to, just try a simple web search using the following term, the results may surprise you:  “*Your City’s Name* parking discount coupon”.  We did a Google Search using Chicago as our destination city. You can see the results here.

For Further Price Savings and Time-Saving, try using the following options:

  • Reserve in advance, especially during peak busy seasons or hours.
  • Pay in advance.
  • Download Coupons – Be careful to note any restrictions – time of day, black out days, vehicle size limitations, etc.

Here are Some Specific Garages Offering Instant Online Savings:

  • Edison Park Fast: NY, NJ, and Baltimore. Offers coupons, specials, multi-event parking passes, pre-paid cards.
  • icon Parking: Manhattan NYC.  Offers specials, coupons, loyalty programs, Smart Car discounts.
  • Alliance Parking: Manhattan NYC. Offers coupons, buy-ahead discounts, reservations.

Airport Parking Deals:

Use long term airport parking instead of short term parking and you will save money. Long term airport parking fees in the NYC metro area run about $80 for 4 days. Short -term parking is double that. We found that alternative off-site options could provide  good discounts. However, when figuring price differences, remember to compare apples-to-apples (long-term rates to off-site rates). We found when these off-site providers featured their price comparisons they frequently quoted rates for airport short-term parking, which of course, makes the off-site provider’s own deal look even more appealing. To find off-site locations and special offers for your desired location enter the following term in a web search:  ” airport parking discount coupon  *Your City* ”

On-site JFK, NY airport parking info. |   On-site Laguardia, NY airport parking info. |   On-site Newark Liberty airport, NJ parking info. |   Westchester County NY, airport, NY parking info.

One of our finds for off-site parking in the NYC Metro area was Long-term off-site parking options. Much of what is featured also included valet service, and discount coupons.

Watch for offers from nearby airport hotels. Some offer free parking for your entire trip  along with free airport valet or shuttle service with only one night’s stay – a good option for catching those early morning flights.

Take Advantage of Web, Cell, iPhone, Mobile Device Apps:

Here is one we found that covered all the bases for parking and price comparisons at Cities and Airports Nation-wide:  Compare prices, daily or monthly.  Search by neighborhood, address, cross street, attraction.  Search results color-coded, shown on map, AND on a list, simultaneously.Price comparison calculator is featured right along with search results.  iPhone, BlackBerry Storm & Storm 2, Android Apps available.  Soon will have Blackberry Non-Touch, Windows Mobile, and Symbian Apps.

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