7 Kwanzaa Celebration Ideas For Budget-Friendly Fun

Kwanzaa occurs for 7 days, Dec 26 – Jan 2. On each of those 7 days, a candle is lit, and many stories and historic traditions are honored, but on day 7, the final day,  a lively celebration with traditional foods, drink, music, dancing and gift-giving is enjoyed by friends and family.  Here are some activities, recipes, and decorating ideas to make any Kwanzaa Celebration a happy and festive event (and they will keep your wallet smiling, too!).

Kwanzaa Kinara Craft – A Kinara candle holder out of paper, to last all 7 days. A fun and easy craft that even the very youngest can do, from CraftClub.com

Awesome Homemade Gifts – Thoughtful and creative gifts are a Kwanzaa tradition. “Good Day Wisconsin” Reporter,Rachel Manek, shares three creative and easy DYI projects that make meaningful and budget friendly gifts, each costing less than $5.00.

How to Make an Origami Gift Box – Creative, eco-friendly, DYI & perfect for any gift-giving budget: An origami gift box. Supplies: only 8 squares of paper. Perfect for putting little gifts into. If you’re a beginner this is a nice project to start with from StormTheCastle.com

Kwanzaa Table Decor – Celebrate Kwanzaa with personal and rustic table decorating ideas. Tips from event planner, Tangie Murray, in this excerpt from the design TV show, “Sheila Bridges, A Holiday Show”

Sweet Potato Tartlets – A quick recipe from “Down Home with the Neelys” hosted by Pat and Gina Neely on the Food Network. Using a Kwanzaa traditional vegetable, the sweet potato, they show how to make easy individual sweet potato tartlets.


Spoon Bread – Here is an easy recipe with a healthier spin on corn spoon bread, a Kwanzaa holiday favorite, from Chef Wilbert Jones from Healthy Heritage Kitchen

North African Meatballs – Melissa D’Arbian, host of the Food Network’s “10 Dollar Dinners” shows a delicious dollar-stretching North African inspired meatball dish.

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