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Give Gifts That Give

You can increase the value of your money when you shop by choosing gifts and items from organizations that donate their profits to deserving causes. Why not put your money toward enriching the lives of others while at the same time giving a beautiful gift to a friend, family member, or even yourself?  Enjoy giving gifts that give back this holiday season or throughout the year.

Charity Water – Since its inception in 2006, Charity Water has developed 4,000 projects that will serve over two million people around the world with clean and safe drinking water. This video shares their story. Proceeds from their gift shop help support operating costs and fund sustainable clean water solutions in developing countries. Charity Water gifts range from $12 and up: wrist bands, bracelets, gift cards, stationery, calendars, iPod and laptop Gelaskins, eco-friendly thermos hydration bottles, T-shirts and hoodies.

The Amber Chand Gift Collection – This gift collection offers beautiful gifts made by craftswomen from areas of conflict and post-conflict around the globe. Here in this video Amber tells the story of her company, while showcasing the gifts. All Amber Chand Collection gifts are under $50.

TOMS One for One, Giving New Shoes – For every pair of TOMS shoes you buy, TOMS will give one new pair to a child in need.  Together with their giving partners, TOMS have given over 1,000,000 pairs of new shoes to children in need around the world. Toms eco-friendly shoes are designed for all ages and use no animal by-products. Prices start at $38. This video features the founder of TOMS being interviewed on Ellen Degeneris’ TV show.

TOMS One for One, Giving Eyesight – For every pair of TOMS sunglasses you buy, TOMS will help give the gift of sight to a person in need. Eye care is provided through partnerships with expert eyecare organizations throughout the world. TOMS offers three classic shapes for their sunglasses, with hand-painted details. See the story of TOMS world wide “One for One’ Giving Eyesight campaign.  Sunglasses are $135 and $145 per pair.

Ebay for Charity – Take advantage of the huge array of products available on Ebay while knowing your purchase will benefit a worthy cause. eBay has designed eBay Giving Works, a format where sellers may commit to donate all or a percentage of their listing’s final sale price to the non-profit of their choice. The blue-and-yellow ribbon identifies those listings that support nonprofits through eBay Giving Works. This video with Ebay Giving Works General Manager, Kristin Cunningham explains how it works.

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6 Fabulous Fashion Accessories – DIY Gifts Your Friends & Family Will Love

Turn your clutter into fabulous! These easy do-it-yourself craft projects use items you may already have or can easily collect or find and transforms them into attractive fashionable accessories. These make unique, eco-friendly and virtually free gift ideas, too!

Turn a Book into a Handbag – shows how to create a DIY custom, colorful purse by recycling a vintage hard-covered book cover and fabric. This takes a little sewing savvy, but the results are cool.

Make Your Own Beads from Paper – Easy recycling DIY from shows how to create beads for necklaces, bracelets, and more using old magazines, newspapers, or wrapping paper.

Necklace from Magazine Pages – Makeup artist, crafter and vlogger from shows how to create a necklace from old magazines. A fun super simple family-friendly project  that costs almost nothing to make!

DIY Necklace from Pantyhose – Inspired by the book, P.S. I Made This by Erica Domesek,’s Jennifer Berry shows how to create a fashionable elegant or campy necklace with this easy DIY project using recycled  hosiery, scissors & found items from around your house.

Use Plastic Bags to Make Cool Things – Etsy Labs Technician Anda Lewis shows us how to fuse plastic shopping bags together to create a material you can sew together and use as you would a sturdy water-resistant fabric. Make a reusable shopping bag, messenger bag, cosmetic bag, guitar straps, belts… you name it!

DIY Bracelets and More from Pop Tabs – A creative bracelet is just one of many items you can make out of soda pop tabs! A creative eco-friendly and versatile project that you can use to make belts, earrings, we’ve even seen purses and tote-bags out of pop tabs as well! A fun gift idea great for guys or gals!

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Save Money on Holiday Travel

Are you ready for the busiest travel season of the year? Thanksgiving is the busiest travel time for driving, but we were surprised to learn that the fall and winter holidays are not the busiest airport travel days… mid-July carries the busiest days for flyers.  But travel around the November, December and January holidays sure do feel like the busiest all around. They absolutely are high in-demand airport travel times and carry big price tags in every travel category, from transportation to lodging; couple that with family expectations and specific time constraints with limited options, and it all translates to:  the pressure is on.

If you’re traveling for the holidays, you can save yourself some stress, time, and money by preparing early with the excellent tips in these videos… and then you can sit back and really enjoy the holidays!

Cheapest Days to Fly – Another clip from, video gives best days to book for big savings – Nice to know for Holidays!

Holiday Air Travel Deals – A segment from  Travel and Leisure Magazine features director, Nilou Motamed, giving websites & pointers.

Holiday Air Travel Planning Tips – Clip gives simple tip could save you stress & money during the busy holiday season (wouldn’t that be nice?).

Hotel Booking Tips – Great pointers and tips from the LA Times Travel Editor.

Top Secret Hotel Booking Tip – This single tip could bring you big savings from founder, Martin Lewis.

Cheap Car Rentals, 22 Money Saving How-To Tips – Rental cars can be a high priced drain. This SpendLessTV blog post gives all the best tips we’ve found, which could save you a bundle on your rental car!

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