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8 Tremendous Tips for Small Businesses


Whether you’re a seasoned business owner, entrepreneur,  just beginning, or considering starting your own business, the tips in these videos from business and marketing experts on starting, financing, managing, and marketing a small business will take you even further.

4 Online Marketing Mistakes Local Businesses Make – Business coach Marie Forleo gives 4 of the biggest mistakes local businesses make in online marketing. Four simple solutions that will bring in results!

Start Your Own Business Questions Answered – Susan Solovic, Small Business Contributor and CEO of, appears on ABC’s Good Money and answers questions about beginning your own small business start-up.

Using Credit Cards for Business – Know the ins and outs of using business credit cards before you decide to get one for your business. Here are pointers from Sandra Block, personal finance reporter for USA Today .

Should Family & Friends Fund Your  Business Startup? – ABC News Money Matters -Funding the start of your own business can be a challenge. If you’re considering borrowing from family or friends, you can minimize potential problems if you plan properly. Here are tips from Susan Solovic, ABC News small business contributor.

How to Approach New Business & Financing – How to finance a new business venture and keep a positive creative approach are always challenging questions for entrepreneurs.  Here are pointers on avoiding costly mistakes from Andre Taylor, small business expert and author of You Can Still Win!

Keep Your Customers! – Entrepreneur and business and marketing expert Ryan Lee reveals one of the biggest mistakes business owners make, and gives valuable pointers on how to keep your biggest asset – your customers – coming back for more. These pointers are great for any business!

Cost Effective Marketing for Small Business – The President of Piranha Marketing, Joe Polish, reveals three invaluable top techniques to market your business more effectively and efficiently.

Entertaining clients on a budget –  One of the most common questions that businesses today are facing – how to approach entertaining clients while needing to stick to a budget.  This article from our affiliate partner, CareOne Debt Relief, gives some simple and sensible answers to this timely problem.

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