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11 Tips for Entrepreneurs & Independent Businesses

We’ve gathered up some of the best tips for business owners and entrepreneurs, of all varieties.  Just starting out? Looking to increase your product reach or your circulation? Looking for marketing pointers? Could you use a little practical inspiration?  We’ve got the inside info. in these audios, videos and articles from the experts!

An Interview with Stacey Ross – Stacy is an entrepreneur and founder of In this is MP3 downloadable she is interviewed by Debra Simpson of North San Diego Business at Large. Stacey shares the evolution of San Diego Bargain Mama and it’s offline social network, sdIRL (San Diego In Real Life Connections).Debra has a background in multimedia and Web publishing and digital media development and she is an entrepreneur who developes and implements internet marketing strategies for the small business community.

Money Map for Entrepreneurial Success – Alexis Neely, author, entrepreneur, founder of the New Law Business Model.

6 Counterintuitive Business Tips – Garrett B. Gunderson, personal finance advisor, founder of FreedomFast Track wealth building program, and author of Killing Sacred Cows.

Entrepreneur Tips – Jen Groover, entrepreneur, inventor, media lifestyle contributor and author.

60 Seconds to Business Success in Economic Slowdown – Dr. Patrick Dixon, author of, Futurewise.

Build Your Business, Brand & Passion – Gary Vaynerchuk (contains strong language), entrepreneur, founder of, co-founder VaynerMedia, speaker, author of Crush it! and The Thank You Economy.

How to Stand Out From The Crowd – Marie Forleo, multi-passionate entrepreneur, business and marketing advisor, founder of Rich, Happy & Hot B-school giving tips to grow your online business.

Increasing Your Income 1,000% – Brian Tracy legendary leader and advisor in personal development, sales, business, time management and leadership.

The Small Business Bible – Steven Strauss, author of  The Small Business Bible, and senior USA Today Small Business Columnist.

Turn Your Ideas Into Income – Ramit Sethi, co-founder of PBwiki, author of the best-seller, I Will Teach You to Be Rich, creator of the blog of the same name, and personal finance and marketing advisor.

Running Your Business on a Shoestring – article with practical pointers from our affiliate partner, CareOne Debt Relief.

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