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Black Friday Previews

Black Friday continues to arrive earlier and earlier each year, and this year is no exception. Not only do Black Friday “specials” come earlier, but the “previews” (aka “leaks”) of deals, doorbusters, and specials that stores will be offering on Black Friday come earlier and earlier too.

While I personally am not a Black Friday Shopping Fanatic, I know there are thousands of you who will brave the jammed parking lots, crowds, long lines, and limited stock on doorbuster deals to take advantage of bargains that can be found on that discount shopping day. And, being well prepared in advance is one of the best ways for you to get the most out of those deals.

So for those who are determined to take part in the Black Friday Shopping ritual, we bring you some of our favorite sites and articles for finding Black Friday deal previews, tips and tricks:

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Delio –

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Quick Cash! 4 Quick Tips from Stacey Ross

In one of the first blog posts I wrote for I mentioned the frustration I experienced in trying to find the “big NEW” money-saving tip, and finding none. I mentioned that I kept seeing the same ideas over and over. And then, something happened.  I finally realized that I wasn’t actually following through on those ideas, and taking action of course, is the key to getting results!

There are many reasons why most of us would love to come by some quick cash.  It probably would not be too far of a stretch to assume there are many others out there who like me,  are familiar with tried-and-true ideas about how to get some quick cash but even though we KNOW of these easy ways to bring in some extra money, we don’t actually DO it. Why? Because we think we don’t have the time, or we think we won’t know how to do it, or we think it won’t bring in enough money to make a difference.

Well, just like in my earlier post when I realized that not doing means not succeeding, the same holds true in the quest for some fast cash. Our friend, Stacey Ross, founder of, has proved that simply taking a little time to clean out your closets and drawers can lead to some substantial quick cash in your pocket. When she suggested the closet clearing idea to Ch 8 News anchor Marcella Lee in San Diego, she had no idea that it would lead to a multi-part series! That’s how much profit there was to be found in just one day of clearing drawers and closets around the house.

So if you’re looking for extra quick cash, there’s no better time TO TAKE ACTION than now!

What to do with the items you clear out? It’s all in the video series, “Ways to Make Quick Cash” From Stacy Ross, founder of and Marcella Lee Channel 8 TV San Diego, CA:

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