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Warm Weather Pet Care Tips

For important information on heat related issues for HUMANS – please listen to this audio on the dangers of extreme heat, via Radio.

Warm weather means enjoying more outdoor fun… and that includes fun with our pets too. But warm weather also means caution when it comes to pets. The warmer season brings more pests like mosquitos, fleas, and ticks. There are more opportunities for pets to come into contact with toxic chemicals. Swimming pools, lakes and oceans can be dangerous (there are approximately 8,000 pet drownings a year in U.S. swimming pools alone). Paws can get burned from hot pavement and ears and noses can get sunburned. Another critical danger to be aware of when it comes to warm weather and your pets is heatstroke. Animals don’t have the same means of keeping cool that we humans do;  just a few minutes of overheating could place them in serious life-threatening danger. Sadly, every year thousands of pets suffer heatstroke, and many don’t survive. Save yourself and your pet an emergency trip to the veterinarian hospital, and the anguish and expense that goes with it, by just taking a few moments to review the warm weather pet care pointers here and in these videos, and have a safe and fun time with your pets.

Here are some of our favorite ways to help our furry friends stay chill:

Time out: There’s a reason the hottest days of summer are referred to as “Dog Days of Summer.”  Left on their own, animals will slow down or lay around during the hottest days. So, follow their lead: Slow down! And on the hottest days, keep things calm and quiet with lots of resting time. If your dog wants to stop playing, let it! Make sure there are cool, well ventilated areas away from the sun for your pets to rest and plenty of  fresh cold water – both indoors or out.

A frozen treat: Here’s a quick cooling rehydrating treat for your pets: make a batch of flavored frozen ice cubes and keep them on hand in the freezer. Fill an ice cube tray with chicken or beef broth or plain non-fat yogurt and freeze. You can fill a Kong toy and freeze it too – makes a perfect transition into a time-out period.

Splash: An inexpensive hard-edged kiddie pool is a fun way for your dog (and maybe some cats, too!) to stay cool while playing. Always supervise when pets are in water.

Spritz: An occasional run through the lawn sprinkler, spray with the garden hose, or spritz with a mister bottle works well to keep your furry friends comfortable.

NEVER leave your pet unattended in the car – not even in the shade – not even with the windows cracked open. It only takes a few minutes to reach extremely dangerous temperatures inside a car and for noxious fumes to accumulate (even with the engine turned off).

More in these videos:

  • Simple Way to Remove a Tick – Dr. Deva Khalsa, gives a simple way to safely remove a tic from your dog or cat (or yourself!). She practices veterinary medicine in Clearwater, Florida and advises on the Deserving Petsline of nutritional supplements for pets.
  • How to Keep Cats Cool in the Heat – Cat lover, blogger, author, and pop media personality La Carmina films her celebrity cat, Basil Farrow, giving terrific easy tips to keep kitties cool during the hotter seasons.
  • Hot Weather, Cool Pets – A representative from the  Jacksonville Humane Society, gives several summer  warm weather pet dangers to watch out for and gives tips on keeping your pets cool.
  • Heat Stroke in Pets – Dr. Ron DeHaven, chief executive officer of the American Veterinary Medical Association, discusses overheating & heat stroke in pets & what to do for it.
  • Dogs and Water Safety – Pets need our protection when it comes to pools and water safety. Here are  swimming safety pointers from actor and animal lover, Cameron Mathison, on ABC’s Good Morning America.

For more pet care money saving tips, check out our Pet Channel.

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Father’s Day: Fantastic and Wallet-Friendly

We know you care, and your Dad will too!

You can show Dad you have real heart for him, and also hold onto your real savings at the same time with these videos loaded with easy budget-friendly or even free do-it-yourself gifts, gift baskets, recipes, entertaining and activity ideas Dad will love!

Father’s Day the Home Shopping Way – Every father deserves the best, and what better way than with Home Shopping? What dad wouldn’t appreciate a little comedy with his socks and BBQ?  Catch this Karen Alloy comedy.

Meetballs 3-course, feed 4, under $35 – Chef Bill Poirier from Boston’s restaurant, Sonsie, whips up a 3-course-meal for 4 people, for under $35 budget. Spinach salad, turkey meatballs, & chocolate ricotta!

Summer Grilling , Serve 8 for $10 Each – Cook up a 3-course meal for 8 people and for under $10 each with recipes from David Joachim and Andrew Schloss, Authors of  Mastering The Grill.

Cupcake Father’s Day Gifts – Everyone loves cupcakes and the author of   Hey There, Cupcake! shows how to decorate dessert for a special Father’s Day.

DIY Coin and Key Keeper – Give Dad a hand for pocket change & car keys with this one-of-a-kind do-it-yourself tray that any child can make!  Easy DIY from Crayola Creative Workshop.

DYI Photo Frame from a CD Case – An easy DYI gift project from Crayola Creative Workshop: turn an old CD case into a bright and bold picture frame that can hold a special message.

Origami Necktie and Shirt Card – So Easy to do! A DYI origami necktie and shirt card that’s sure to bring a smile to every dad.

Men’s Spa at Home – Men like to indulge too. Check out these at home men’s grooming products and gifts to pamper the man in your life from Lenny LaCour.

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Father’s Day FACT:  Did you know:

Scholars claim the tradition of Father’s Day can be traced in the ruins of Babylon where a young boy called Elmesu carved a Father’s Day message on a card made out of clay nearly 4,000 years ago. Elmesu wished his father good health and a long life. The idea of a Father’s Day celebration in the U.S.A. originated in 1909 in Spokane, Washington, when Ms. Sonora Louise Smart Dodd was listening to Mother’s Day sermon.  Sonora pondered if there is a day to honor mother then why not for father and she began a rigorous campaign to celebrate Father’s Day in the U.S.  It wasn’t until  1972 that a permanent national observance of Father’s Day  was established by President Richard Nixon. More Father’s Day facts

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