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Seasonal Crafts From the Kitchen & Yard

Setting a festive mood or bringing excitement into your home to enjoy some seasonal cheer doesn’t require a big wallet or bank account.

Sometimes the mementos everyone appreciates the most are the ones that came right from home, handmade from the little things found right in your backyard or kitchen. Here are some fun, eco-friendly and budget-friendly do-it-yourself craft projects that use and re-use simple materials you may already have on hand so you can bring the outdoors in to appreciate all season long.

How to Make Shrunken-Head Apples - Perfect for Halloween! A festive and seasonal DIY decor idea, that’s fun and easy to create: shrunken heads from apples. Float them in a bowl of punch, mount on sticks or make a garland and display by the front door. The video instructions say to leave them in the sun for several days to dry, but you can also leave them in a 225 – 250-degree oven for 6 – 8 hours or till dried.

How to Make a Corn Husk Doll - Candace from shows how to make DIY dolls from corn husks in this clip. A charming activity for kids to do. Decorate a wreath with them or string together and drape across a holiday dinner table top or spruce up a doorway.

Squash & Gourd Luminaries, DIY - Candace Give the Season a warm glow with these unique DIY luminaries from nature. How-to in this video from the Holiday Crafts show in the DIY Network hosted by Michele Beschen.

Wax Leaves for Decoration, DIY - Amanda Warford presents a crafty idea to bring the outdoors in.  This clip shows how a simple dipping in wax will preserve leaves to enjoy all winter long. Use them to create mobiles, collages, garlands or wreaths.

More DIY projects and ideas to get the most from what you already have:

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Wallet-Friendly Fourth of July

The Fourth of July…

What’s the perfect holiday for easy fun and easy on your budget, too? As Louise Sacco Reilly, from puts it, “The Fourth of July is a dream holiday for frugal people: no one expects you to bring gifts and the entertainment is free!”

Fireworks, parades, block parties – so much is available for a great celebration, and we here at have brought you tips on how to make the most of this favorite summer holiday with videos full of money-saving and high-style July Fourth party ideas to put you in a festive mood and let your patriotic flags fly!

Wishing you a happy and safe July 4th!

Backyard Getaways and Parties – Martie Duncan, founder of Martie Parties, gives easy and elegant ideas for any budget in this clip.

Watch Fireworks – Right on your computer! It’s safe and free – over two-minutes of nothing but fireworks!

Flowers – Simple & So Elegant – International floral entertaining expert, Biggy Wolff, shows simple and festive ideas – great anytime, even for a July 4th party!

Homerun Summer Parties – Clever baseball-themed party ideas for less – and perfect for a July 4th celebration, too!

Make a July Fourth Piñata - Okay, we admit, we’ve suggested this video in other posts before, but that’s because it’s a really fun idea for ANY celebration – and SO EASY to do! (make at least a day ahead).

Red White and Blue PartyBetter’s shopping expert, Nicole Camarata, gives super pointers to make it great and on a budget!

More in our post: July 4th Frugal Fun

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July 4th (Frugal) Fun


The Fourth of July in the U.S. is a time for celebration, and most folks will be enjoying the warm long summer’s day off with picnic treats, grilling on the barbecue, outdoor and backyard fun, and fireworks. Here are  videos with ideas to add more festive fun to your day, party or event: Celebrate with budget-friendly craft activities to keep the kids happy, delicious recipes for tasty treats, and patriotic decorations for the table, (and yourselves). Have a fun and safe July 4th!

Tasting & Table Setting

Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burgers – This recipe for juicy grilled portobello mushroom burgers from Vegetarian Times Magazine Editor, Mary Margaret Chappell is one that everyone will love! Put your favorite burger toppings on and enjoy!

Grilled Fresh Tomatoes – Paula Deen shows her easy recipe for grilled fresh tomatoes with garlic, parmesan cheese, thyme, and olive oil… ummm!

White Chocolate Dipping - Make your fourth of July party festive & delicious with white chocolate dipping! Kendra Arch of Cake ‘n Crumbs shows easy budget friendly ideas everyone will enjoy!

July 4th Centerpieces or Party Favors - Simple flower arrangements make perfect centerpieces or party favors for any budget. Floral Designer & Stylist Nico De Swert shows a festive idea suing a Pottery Barn item, but using supplies you may already have on hand would work well, too.

Design with Paper to Spruce Up Your July 4th Party - Inexpensive ideas to dress up your 4th of July setting, including centerpieces, table coverings, gift bags, food serving, hostess gifts & more, from Director, Creative Services at Kate’s Paperie, Alton DuLaney.

July 4th Crafts:

DIY Statue of Liberty Crown - How to Make a Statue of Liberty Crown for July 4th, a fabulous must-have for any Fourth of July celebration!

July 4th DIY Flags – Easy, inexpensive, fun DIY craft even the very youngest can do from the  Educational Art Institute.

DIY Pinwheels and Poppers – Crafty Creations from the Abilene Public Library show easy steps to create July 4th fun.

And finally:

The Sparkler- A July 4th party isn’t complete without a sparkler! Here’s a slow-motion, up-close look at the beauty of a single sparkler – a safe way to celebrate and enjoy!

Don’t miss these additional July 4th Party-on-a-Budget ideas in our post:

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Warm Weather Pet Care Tips

For important information on heat related issues for HUMANS – please listen to this audio on the dangers of extreme heat, via Radio.

Warm weather means enjoying more outdoor fun… and that includes fun with our pets too. But warm weather also means caution when it comes to pets. The warmer season brings more pests like mosquitos, fleas, and ticks. There are more opportunities for pets to come into contact with toxic chemicals. Swimming pools, lakes and oceans can be dangerous (there are approximately 8,000 pet drownings a year in U.S. swimming pools alone). Paws can get burned from hot pavement and ears and noses can get sunburned. Another critical danger to be aware of when it comes to warm weather and your pets is heatstroke. Animals don’t have the same means of keeping cool that we humans do;  just a few minutes of overheating could place them in serious life-threatening danger. Sadly, every year thousands of pets suffer heatstroke, and many don’t survive. Save yourself and your pet an emergency trip to the veterinarian hospital, and the anguish and expense that goes with it, by just taking a few moments to review the warm weather pet care pointers here and in these videos, and have a safe and fun time with your pets.

Here are some of our favorite ways to help our furry friends stay chill:

Time out: There’s a reason the hottest days of summer are referred to as “Dog Days of Summer.”  Left on their own, animals will slow down or lay around during the hottest days. So, follow their lead: Slow down! And on the hottest days, keep things calm and quiet with lots of resting time. If your dog wants to stop playing, let it! Make sure there are cool, well ventilated areas away from the sun for your pets to rest and plenty of  fresh cold water – both indoors or out.

A frozen treat: Here’s a quick cooling rehydrating treat for your pets: make a batch of flavored frozen ice cubes and keep them on hand in the freezer. Fill an ice cube tray with chicken or beef broth or plain non-fat yogurt and freeze. You can fill a Kong toy and freeze it too – makes a perfect transition into a time-out period.

Splash: An inexpensive hard-edged kiddie pool is a fun way for your dog (and maybe some cats, too!) to stay cool while playing. Always supervise when pets are in water.

Spritz: An occasional run through the lawn sprinkler, spray with the garden hose, or spritz with a mister bottle works well to keep your furry friends comfortable.

NEVER leave your pet unattended in the car – not even in the shade – not even with the windows cracked open. It only takes a few minutes to reach extremely dangerous temperatures inside a car and for noxious fumes to accumulate (even with the engine turned off).

More in these videos:

  • Simple Way to Remove a Tick - Dr. Deva Khalsa, gives a simple way to safely remove a tic from your dog or cat (or yourself!). She practices veterinary medicine in Clearwater, Florida and advises on the Deserving Petsline of nutritional supplements for pets.
  • How to Keep Cats Cool in the Heat – Cat lover, blogger, author, and pop media personality La Carmina films her celebrity cat, Basil Farrow, giving terrific easy tips to keep kitties cool during the hotter seasons.
  • Hot Weather, Cool Pets – A representative from the  Jacksonville Humane Society, gives several summer  warm weather pet dangers to watch out for and gives tips on keeping your pets cool.
  • Heat Stroke in Pets - Dr. Ron DeHaven, chief executive officer of the American Veterinary Medical Association, discusses overheating & heat stroke in pets & what to do for it.
  • Dogs and Water Safety - Pets need our protection when it comes to pools and water safety. Here are  swimming safety pointers from actor and animal lover, Cameron Mathison, on ABC’s Good Morning America.

For more pet care money saving tips, check out our Pet Channel.

Catch additional related pet care information in these SLTV blog posts:

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Father’s Day: Fantastic and Wallet-Friendly

We know you care, and your Dad will too!

You can show Dad you have real heart for him, and also hold onto your real savings at the same time with these videos loaded with easy budget-friendly or even free do-it-yourself gifts, gift baskets, recipes, entertaining and activity ideas Dad will love!

Father’s Day the Home Shopping Way – Every father deserves the best, and what better way than with Home Shopping? What dad wouldn’t appreciate a little comedy with his socks and BBQ?  Catch this Karen Alloy comedy.

Meetballs 3-course, feed 4, under $35 - Chef Bill Poirier from Boston’s restaurant, Sonsie, whips up a 3-course-meal for 4 people, for under $35 budget. Spinach salad, turkey meatballs, & chocolate ricotta!

Summer Grilling , Serve 8 for $10 Each – Cook up a 3-course meal for 8 people and for under $10 each with recipes from David Joachim and Andrew Schloss, Authors of  Mastering The Grill.

Cupcake Father’s Day Gifts - Everyone loves cupcakes and the author of   Hey There, Cupcake! shows how to decorate dessert for a special Father’s Day.

DIY Coin and Key Keeper - Give Dad a hand for pocket change & car keys with this one-of-a-kind do-it-yourself tray that any child can make!  Easy DIY from Crayola Creative Workshop.

DYI Photo Frame from a CD Case - An easy DYI gift project from Crayola Creative Workshop: turn an old CD case into a bright and bold picture frame that can hold a special message.

Origami Necktie and Shirt Card - So Easy to do! A DYI origami necktie and shirt card that’s sure to bring a smile to every dad.

Men’s Spa at Home - Men like to indulge too. Check out these at home men’s grooming products and gifts to pamper the man in your life from Lenny LaCour.

For more gift ideas, that are sure to please, check out these blog posts:

These previous posts mention  great resources for nice discounts and even free fun local activities you may want to make part of your Father’s Day plan :

Father’s Day FACT:  Did you know:

Scholars claim the tradition of Father’s Day can be traced in the ruins of Babylon where a young boy called Elmesu carved a Father’s Day message on a card made out of clay nearly 4,000 years ago. Elmesu wished his father good health and a long life. The idea of a Father’s Day celebration in the U.S.A. originated in 1909 in Spokane, Washington, when Ms. Sonora Louise Smart Dodd was listening to Mother’s Day sermon.  Sonora pondered if there is a day to honor mother then why not for father and she began a rigorous campaign to celebrate Father’s Day in the U.S.  It wasn’t until  1972 that a permanent national observance of Father’s Day  was established by President Richard Nixon. More Father’s Day facts

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Make Mother’s Day Magnificent (and Budget-Friendly)

U.S. Mother’s Day is in May, on the second Sunday of the month.

You can make mom feel appreciatedand give her a marvelous day without breaking the bank or draining your wallet with these Mother’s Day ideas that any and every mother would love:

Mother’s Day Brunch for 6, Under $35 - Please Mom and your wallet by preparing this easy Mother’s Day brunch; 3-course, serve 6, under $35. Celery, Pear & Hazelnut Salad; French Toast & Berries; Blackberry Bellini. Grace Parisi, senior recipe developer for “Food and Wine” magazine gives recipes.

Make Mother’s Day Special - Treat mom to a special Mother’s Day without breaking the bank. The Shopping Queen, Fatima Mehdikarimi gives ideas on flowers, dining, luxury and a top tech idea to make Mother’s Day special.

Outside the Box Mother’s Day Gifts - Mother’s Day with a twist. Not-so-typical gift ideas that can also be budget-friendly. Six Minute Style’s Susan Doherty presents five fabulous outside-the-gift-box ideas for mom. She’s gonna love this.

10 Perfect Priceless Mother’s Day Gifts - writer Linda Lowen gives 10 perfect priceless gifts that children can give and mom will love for Mother’s Day.

DIY Mother’s Day Spinners - An easy, bright and cheerful DIY project for young children to make. Perfect for Mother’s Day and will continue to delight mom all Summer long from Crayola Creative Workshop.

Duct Tape Roses for Mom - Make a Mother’s Day bouquet of flowers out of duct tape! Easy, fun and pretty DIY from Duck Brand duct tape for mom! Simple tutorial shows how. Make it useful by using a pen for the stem!

DIY Paper Photo Wallet - Every mom loves sharing pictures of her family. This easy DIY papercrafted tri-fold wallet will display all her favorite pics in style. Crafter and author of Christmas Papercrafts, Corinne Bradd, shows how to create a brag book using paper and a series of simple creases.

More on making Mother’s Day wonderful in these related SLTV posts:

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Instant (& Budget Happy) Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!


We love a celebration… especially when there is delicious Mexican food, drinks, and music to indulge our festive selves in; and we’ve given you everything you need to have a super Cinco de Mayo Fiesta while keeping your wallet happy, too… Olé!


Kumbia Kings, “No Tengo Dinero” Live & Rocks!

Obus, “Dinero Dinero” Metal Rock en Espanol, Live

Santana, “Shake Your Money Maker” live, Germany


Mex Dinner: 4 for Under $35 - Executive Chef from restaurant, Sol Toro Tequila Grill shows easy recipes.

Healthy Gourmet Mex. Dinner for 4 at $8.75 Per Person! - Video from Diane Henderiks shows recipes. Diane is the author of Dietitian in the Kitchen.

Chicken and Chile Verde - Host of’s Central Cooks, Kim Berto shows recipe for Chicken and Chile Verde, a one-pot meal with a Mexican flavor.

Guacamole – Here celebrity chef Rick Bayless shows his spin on the traditional recipe for that delicious Mexican favorite avocado dip, Guacamole. It’s easy, bright, and makes any party – especially a Cinco de Mayo Celebration – an instant hit.

Tres Leche Cake - Cake soaked in sweetened milk is a sweet and delicious way to satisfy your guests. Stephanie Gallagher from shows how to make this delicious desert.


Cinco de Mayo Decorations – Easy tissue paper flowers and a mini sombrero table decorations from Crayola Crafty Creations.

How to Make a Pinata - SO SIMPLE!  Video shows how to make any party a real fiesta!

More entertaining and party money saving tips in SLTV channels:

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8 Earth Saving and Money Saving Household Tips

Earth Day: April 22

We’ve been eco-conscious for decades (more decades than we care to mention.) We consider ourselves to be fairly eco-friendly, and are happy to do our bit in terms of recycling, reusing, repurposing, shopping eco-friendly whenever possible, planting trees over and above our carbon footprint; and we do know that being green also adds up to some real decent money savings, which makes us even happier… and even still, while grocery shopping recently, we came across one astonishing little fact that really took us back. Printed on the front of a plastic bag of brown rice was the following fact:

Removing the plastic re-sealable zipper on our packages saves over 30,000 tons of waste in landfills per month.

Woa! Thirty-thousand tons of garbage per month saved by eliminating one little zipper on a package of rice. This is astonishing proof positive that doing one little thing does really add up to make a big difference.

Here are some ultra-easy ideas that you can use inside and outside your home every day that will add up to a substantial benefit for the earth, the environment and your health, and in addition, will quickly add up to some solid savings in your wallet:

Ceiling Fans: You can use ceiling fans to help save on both cooling and heating.   According to Progress-Energy, an energy provider in the U.S. Carolinas and Florida, a 48″, 75-watt fan used 10 hours a day at half speed or less would cost $.50 to $.90 a month to operate. For a 1,500-square-foot house with air conditioning using two ceiling fans and raising the thermostat setting could save about $140 to $400 a year, and possibly even more in areas where energy rates are higher.

  • More keeping cool tips in this video: Beat the Heat Green Tips - Tips to beat the heat with fans and AC while saving money and the planet from green advocate, Umbra.

Cutting back on eating meat from every day to every other day would save you approximately $37 a month. Going completely vegetarian could add up to about $600 a year according to the Frugally Green blog.  And this figure does not include the added money savings you could receive from eating a healthier diet, by saving on possible reduced hospital, surgery, and medication expenses.

  • This clip gives a simple, budget-friendly vegetarian recipe: Spice Crusted Tofu Sandwiches - A money saving, healthy sandwich idea from Mollie Katzen, author ofGet Cooking cookbook.

Simple household changes can make our homes more eco-efficient, even older homes. We’ve all heard this thousands of times. But sometimes it comes down to real dollar savings to make us finally take action.  One example:  according to the host of Renovation Nation TV show, Steve Thomas, sealing and insulating your home could save you 30% of your heating and cooling bills.  If everyone did this, it would be equal to shutting down 90 power plants!

  • In this video, Easy Green Money Saving, Steve Thomas shows more easy everyday eco-ideas, and how much money savings they add up to.

Not everyone can line-dry their laundry. Energy Miser 101 blog figures that using a gas clothes dryer for 40 min. a day equals close to $100 a year. Using dryer balls can save 25 to 40% on your clothes dryer energy use and they are a great alternative to chemical fabric softeners. Dryer balls are easy to use; you simply place them right along with your wet clothes into the clothes dryer.

  • There are many types of dryer balls available, but here in this video, Save Energy & Money on Clothes Drying, Steffany Boldrini of shows these made of wool, the only natural ones we’ve found.

Choosing to plant native perennials and evergreens can be a real money-saver. Not only are they more pest-resistant, but they also have adapted to the local climate range and conditions, which could lead to a savings in your water bill alone of up to 50%.

  • Enjoy a healthier enviornment right in your own backyard with the tips in this video: Backyard Eco Tips – Here are simple tips you can use to make your yard more user & eco-friendly.

Petroleum and synthetic chemical based pesticides can be quite costly.  And hiring a service to come spray and treat your yard and garden can also be expensive. Try using your own simple, more natural spray first, you could save thousands of dollars. Well worth a try.

  • Easy inexpensive  DIY natural insecticide for garden pests in this video: Homemade Natural Insecticide from’s Kaylee Thurman.

Reuse what you already have on hand as pet care items. Pet toys and cleaning products can be expensive. You can save some money while keeping some of your trash out of the landfill for a little longer by reusing worn items like cotton towels and rubber gloves to make toys and cleaning products for your pets.

  • Reuse some common household items to create easy pet toys and cleaning products. Jane Monzures gives tips in this video: DIY Recycled Pet Care Products.

Your Entertainment can take its toll on the environment and your wallet. Consumer advocate, Stacy Johnson, reports that over 100,000 DVDs are thrown away each month at an average cost of $16 each! That’s a lot for a landfill and for your wallet. There are alternatives to keep you entertained and cost you less.

  • Save money on entertainment and also be eco-friendly.  This clip, Green Saving: Entertainment gives tips from Stacy Johnson of Money Talks News.

More Eco and Money Saving Tips in our Previous Posts:

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Make Money With a Yard, Garage or Tag Sale

The good ol’ garage sale. While we don’t think it’s quite a relic yet, there is no doubt the internet has changed the way we think about reselling our household goods. Now, reselling just about anything can take place 24/7/365 through websites like Ebay and  But there is nothing like a “real” (as opposed to a “virtual”) yard, garage or tag sale to free up some much needed closet space and bring in some quick cash. But even though it’s a tried-and true method for easy money-making, there are some pitfalls. Here are some pointers to make your good ol’ garage, yard or tag sale an easy success.

Find out from your town or city if you need to get a permit in advance.

Ask if neighbors might be interested in having a sale on the same days.  This will draw more people.

Best Days are Thursday through Saturday on a non-holiday weekend.

Advertise in the local paper, online, around the neighborhood, on local bulletin boards. Be clear if you are allowing ‘EARLY BIRD” visits or not. Mention any big ticket items or special collections you may be offering.

Make sure your location is clearly visible from the street  and/or marked with something like streamers, a flag or a sign. If you use balloons, please make sure they are environmentally friendly.

Consider safety:

  • Try to not be alone, have someone else visibly on site. Never leave your items or money unattended.
  • Avoid having people come inside your home, and if anyone does need to do that, make sure they are accompanied.
  • Keep your home locked.
  • Provide as little personal information about yourself as possible.
  • Make sure all personal papers and personal records have been removed from anything you intend on selling: drawers, suitcases, boxes, file cabinets, folders, computer & mobile devices,  check inside books, magazines,etc.  You’d be surprised what may have been forgotten.
  • Make sure all bundles of clothing, all pockets, all shoes have been searched and are clear of anything that might have been stored there or have fallen in.
  • Keep the smaller more expensive items close by so you can keep a watch on them.

Don’t be a pesky seller. People like to know they have been acknowledged, but also like to feel free to consider their purchase without having to explain, be pestered by questions, or pressured to buy. A simple “Hello, let me know if I can help you.” should suffice.

Set up:

  • Arrange similar types of objects together ie: picture frames and art objects together; entertainment items like video games, VCR’s, DVD’s together; furniture together. And/or you can organize  by room, ie: kitchen items together; bedroom items together; living room furniture together.
  • Display items at table top height; this makes it easier for people to view and connect with pieces. It may be worth it to borrow or rent tables.
  • If items need to go on the ground, place them on a blanket, or sheet.
  • Have bags or boxes available for packing up and carrying out purchases.
  • Place anything children may be interested in far away from the street, and away from fragile items you may have on display.
  • Pleasant and non-intrusive music playing never hurts!
  • To avoid any hassles later on, post a clearly visible sign that says, “All Sales Final.”

Allow testing for products:

  • Have light bulbs on hand.
  • Have batteries available.
  • Have an extension cord running from the house to outside, so items can be tried out without having to bring people inside.

Does it work? You should indicate if an item is in working condition or not. Anything damaged or not in working order should be marked “as is”.

Appliances such as used kitchen equipment should be as clean as possible. If you have the product packaging, manual, directions, warranties or accessories, include them.

Clothing should be in decent shape, and CLEAN. The more accessible and identifiable, the quicker they will sell. Arrange by men’s, women’s, and children’s. Consider using the “bulk” pricing method: Have shopping bags available and mark one area of clothing, “One price for all you can fit in the bag.” You can do the same for accessories. A mirror is great to provide if you’re selling clothes, jewelry and/or accessories.

When pricing… There are opposing theories about what brings in a higher yield. One school of thought is to have everything, and we mean everything, priced with a sticker or a very clear sign. The other is to have nothing priced.  No matter which method you select, you still can negotiate, and offer to sweeten the deal by including an “extra” something they may be interested in.  Either way, make things easier by pricing in whole-dollar amounts or increments of 25-cents for easy change-making. Have plenty of small bills and coins on hand to make change.  Only accept cash, bad checks are not worth the risk.

Price Tagging Everything:

  • Having everything priced, may make it easier for you to be more firm about the listed price, but being too inflexible could cost you sales.
  • You can still take an offer or reduce the price on the spur of the moment if you feel inclined.
  • It frees up your buyers, especially those who may not be comfortable negotiating a price or making an offer.
  • It frees up your time because you don’t need to be involved with negotiations on every single transaction.

Price Tagging Nothing:

  • You have complete and total flexibility.
  • Let the buyer make the initial offer. More often than not, it will come in higher than what you probably would have marked it.

Bundle the bulk. This is an effective way of clearing out the smaller items or clutter quickly, and it works with either pricing technique:  group similar objects together and sell as a bundle for one flat rate. If you are not specifying prices put a sign up that says “Entire contents of this box all sold together as one. Name your price”

A spin on that is to have a big box or blanket or table full of little items. Hand people a bag or a box and say “Fill your bag from anything on this table for $5.00″

Another option is to price the items on the table at the same price, “All items on this table, $2. each”

Designate anything that is special, unique, unusual, historic, or has a noteworthy story attached to it. Even if you are not price marking, you need to make sure people are aware of your knowledge on the items and what makes them of value.

Sentimental or emotional attachment to an object? Some questions to ask yourself: How long has it been since I’ve even thought about this? If I took a picture of it would having the photo allow me to still retain the memory and feel the connection? While you are organizing before the sale, try placing those items onto a “maybe” table, and keep re-visiting it over a few days prior to the sale. Eventually several items may end up migrating to the “sale” table over those few days.

What you don’t sell, donate; remember to ask for a receipt so you may claim your donation as a deduction at tax time.  Find out ahead of time BEFORE the day of your sale: where you will donate, if you will need to pack up the items to send or to drop off, or if they will come to pick up your items. If you are expecting pick up, you will have to make an appointment for that ahead of time.  You won’t want to end up with a pile of giveaway items sitting in your driveway for two weeks in the rain while you wait for pick up or try to locate a place to donate (Trust us, we learned that the hard way). If you are looking for donation options, please consider our suggestions:

  • Clothing: Men’s clothing: Women’s clothing: All types of clothing: Good Will Industries
  • Prescription eyeglasses can be reused. There are many local retail shops and organizations that will accept them; you can find a good list of resources in this article from
  • Books: If a local school or library is out of the question: accepts all types of books.  For children’s books only:
  • Musical Instruments: If you cannot locate a local school or music program willing to accept your used musical instruments, consider which accepts musical instruments, sheet music and music books.
  • For just about any and everything: Vietnam Veterans of America will pick up your donation in several states across the continental US.

More yard and garage sale pointers in these videos:

And more the Garage/Yard Sale  Tips in our Channel : House & Home.

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9 Lucky Links to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Style and On Budget

4 Leaf Clovers - 9 Lucky Links to Celebrate St. Patrick's in Style and On Budget

4-Leaf Clovers found in Jamie’s yard in 2002.

Looking for fun and festive to enjoy St. Patrick’s day? You’re in luck – we’ve found a pot of gold in the videos featured below; they’re full of tips to have you celebrating in style while keeping your pot of gold growing, so go ahead – go (and save) green!

St. Patrick’s Inspired Eye Makeup - Tutorial for green green green green St. Pat’s party eyes.

St. Patrick’s Day, Host a Party - Tips to make your budget bash a success from

St. Patrick’s Day Last Minute Party - Marley Majcher, author and founder of gives elegant and affordable tips.

How to Throw a St. Patrick’s Day Party - The title says it all!

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner, 3-Course, Under $40 - Chef Dundon from Ireland’s famous Dunbrody Country House Hotel & Restaurant shows recipes! Mushroom Chowder, Sheperd’s Pie, Bailey’s Creme Brulee.

St. Patrick’s Irish Bread Recipe - Easy, easy YUM from

St. Patrick’s Day Four Leaf Clover - Decorate in one minute! Easy clovers from

St. Patrick’s Day Music: Stephane Grappelli, Frankie Gavin – Oh The Days Of The Kerry Dances - The legendary Stephane Grapelli on violin with Frankie Gavin and group in a stunning performance filmed in 2008.

John Mayer – “St. Patrick’s Day” - Nice live performance from John Mayer singing his piece titled, “St. Patrick’s Day,” filmed in 2006

And… we turn now to: St. Patrick’s Day — Trivia:

  • St. Patrick is supposed to have removed what from Ireland?
  • Why does a leprechaun wear green?
  • What is a leprechaun’s profession?
  • The first St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the U.S. was held in which city?
  • Click here for St. Patrick’s Day trivia answers.

More St. Patrick’s Day budget tips in our post:

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