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9 Black Friday Shopping Apps

Smart phones and technology can help make your shopping easier, especially on Black Friday (doesn’t THAT sound nice?). Here are video reviews of Black Friday and other shopping apps that can help you save time and money:

Tech reviewer Matts MacIntosh shows two phone apps to find coupons and locations that accept them, find apps and track their price changes, scan bar codes and then located the best deals. He reviews Yoowza!, AppSniper and RedLaser: reviews three and evaluates the performance of these three apps designed for shopping Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals . Find out if  the cost of these iPhone & iPad Touch mobile apps are worth their potential savings:

The Daily App Show reviews The Find, a mobile app that ties online and offline shopping together. You can price compare, scan bar codes, locate products and save information to save money. For iPhone and Android:

Crazy Mike from walks you through the features of THI Friday iPhone App, a free money-saving app:

Owen Robbins from KRRS Systems reviews the money-saving and coupon app called, The Coupons App for iPhones, iPad, Android devices. They also feature Black Friday deals:

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Mobile Tax Apps

It’s inevitable, every year on April 15, tax filing is due for the folks in the U.S.A… fortunately there now are mobile apps that you can use to keep track of your expenses, estimate your taxes, track your donations, file your taxes, and track an IRS refund.. whew!  Here are reviews of several apps that may make this time of year easier for you.

4 Free iPhone Tax Apps – Brief summaries from Michael “Doc” Callahan of: H&R Block Tax Answers, Tax Tracker, EZ Estimator 2009, and 1040 Calc.

iDonatedIt App –  A demonstration of iDonatedIt – an iPhone App from BMG CPAs that tracks, values, & reports non-cash charitable donations, a helpful thing to have at tax time.i

IRS2Go Smart Phone App – The IRS2Go free app is distributed from the IRS through the App Store & Android Marketplace. It allows you to see the exact date you will receive your tax refund.

Tax App Showdown – Mobile apps for taxpayers reviewed by the tech specialists, Cnet: TaxAct, TurboTax, H&R Block AtHome.

Tax App Tips –  Tips for taxpayers using a smartphone tax app to file income taxes. Mollie Reynolds reports on pros and cons for TurboTax’s SnapTax app and the H&R Block tax app.

Tax Apps: Fed.Tax Estimator & TieYourMoney – Allison Hesford shows the Federal Tax Estimator, free app which gives you an estimate of what you may owe &  TieYourMoney app to keep track of income, accounts, expenses & also ties in with your bank’s apps.

Tax Organizer App – Overview of a free iPhone app called, Tax Organizer.

Tax Tracker – App A Day – Tax Tracker free app for mobile devices is reviewed by With this program you can track business deductions, record pictures of receipts, enter required notes about purchases & expenses, automatically track vehicle mileage, & more.

Not a mobile app, but why not take advantage of this website offering Free Financial Calculators for Taxes, payroll, business planning, personal finance, college saving, retirement saving, estate planning, home mortgages, and loans:

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