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New Credit Card Rules – A Better Game?

Credit cards are tricky enough, but now new rules have gone into effect that will impact your credit card use, billing dates, fees, fines, spending limits, and interest rates. Our Finance, Credit, Budgeting channel has among it’s inventory, the six short videos featured below that give great pointers on how these changes affect you and what you need to know to stay on top of the game. There is controversy over the effectiveness of these new rules and whether they provide more protection to consumers or not. We’ll be interested to hear your experiences with the new changes.

Credit Cards: The New Rules – CBS Early Show

New Credit Card Bill, What it Means for You – Money Talks

New Credit Card Rules – What to Do BEFORE they take effect – Laura Rowley

New Credit Card Rules Guide – Ron Lieber, NY Times

And for more in-depth information on credit, we’ve made available  in it’s entirety PBS’ FRONTLINE TV special: The Card Game: Wizards of Consumer Lending

And also a re-posting of their associated blog post, We Bring You: FRONTLINE’s “The Card Game”.

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Last Minute Gift Card? Check This First!

The Gift Card: the ultimate last minute holiday (or any day) gift. Practical, versatile, always appreciated, and no strings attached — not!  There may be strings, and you and your gift recipient may not even be aware of them.  If you’re considering giving gift cards at all, please see this short video first.

Do Gift Cards Have Fees? – Important information from financial rate and personal finance specialists,

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