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Earth Day Every Day Saves You Money

Earth Day…

On the first Earth Day I “celebrated” with my kids a friend, her 5-year old son, my 5-year old son, 1-year old daughter in a stroller and I went into a little tiny strip of wilderness area that stretched along side a street we used to frequently walk along, and we picked up the trash.  I can’t recall how many bags full of garbage we collected, but we were astonished at how much there had been in such a small space, and the kids were really proud that the work they did would help keep the little forest they knew so well healthier and more beautiful. Unfortunately, the following year, the little forest was full of litter and trash again, which I found so discouraging I didn’t have the heart to show my little son how fruitless his previous year’s noble efforts had been, and I hit the wall of disillusionment in the Earth-day clean-up activity arena, so instead, I think we planted a tree that year for Earth Day.

Littering is a huge pet-peeve of mine.  I wish it was for more people out there.  Not only is it an immense eye-sore, but litter presents personal health and world wide environmental pollution hazards, and even though I hadn’t even considered this 20 years ago, now I know that it  filters through our whole economy, creating a tremendous impact on national budgets, taxes, fees, and real estate values… all of which are paid for by YOU… it all ends up coming right out of YOUR wallet.

Bag Monster Blog, a site devoted to eliminating plastic bag use, quotes Heal The Bay, an environmental group dedicated to cleaning and sustaining the Santa Monica Bay in Southern California, who sites the following statistics: The total cost of litter collection, disposal and enforcement in the U.S. is estimated to be at least $11.5 BILLION annually. Businesses bear the burden of this cost, spending $9.1 BILLION annually and representing 79.5% of the total cost of litter abatement. Just consider for a second the lower prices we might be appreciating if business didn’t have to foot such an enormous bill, and what amazing, wonderful, and productive things might be accomplished with that money!

Placing trash in trash bins instead of littering will reduce these costs, but recycling further reduces expenditures, and is even more ecologically sound — and re-using and re-purposing promotes all around further savings.  Check the fascinating recycling facts posted on A Recycling Revolution.

While my experience with cleaning up that little neighborhood woodlands was a bit discouraging, it did not hamper my caring about the the fragility of our planet, and along with cost-consciousness, an eco-consciousness has found its way into just about everything I do.  I still have a long way to go, and it may feel daunting at times but , unlike 20 years ago, now it is easy to find resources, like, and Keep America Beautiful, that are devoted to making it easier for us keep the world healthier, cleaner, safer, and more beautiful, while keeping our our wallets happier too!

Jamie, SLTV

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Save More Money – Break the Bottled Water Habit

We’re joining in on’s Blog Action Day drawing attention to the issues surrounding WATER.

In the video, above, Jon Dee from “Tipping Point,” the Weather Channel Series, exposes the wasteful consumption of the bottled water habit. He also suggests some alternatives that will save you money.

Even though many people have access to clean water right from their taps, they spend huge amounts of money on drinking bottled water. The U.S.A. is the world’s largest bottled water consumers, spending over 4-Billion dollars each year on bottled water, which is an average of 200-plus bottles of water per person per year. Over 17 million barrels of oil are needed to manufacture those water bottles, and as much as 86 percent of those bottles will never be recycled, which contributes enormously to the world’s pollution problem; and the money to pay for all that  comes directly out of your pocket.

Bottled water may not be as pure or as clean as you may think. Bacteria grows in purified water kept longer than 6 months in plastic bottles. Many companies bottling water use water directly from city water supplies, and simply put it through an additional filtering process, much like what you could easily do yourself at home.

So, how can you can avoid shelling out tons of your hard-earned money for bottled water – money that could be going toward growing your personal savings, or perhaps helping those who aren’t as fortunate – still drink clean water and help the planet while you’re at it? We say it’s simple!

Here are some easy pointers:

~ The article, “How Much Money Can I Save with A Water Filter,” reports that as an alternative to using bottled water for every drink, a family of four could save as much as $2,878.57 per year with the use of a simple home water filter.  Woa! Now, that’s what we at call real savings.

~ An article for explains what we now know to be true: Water bottles are designed for one-time use, and re-using these is not recommended because plastic used in bottled water leaches toxins into the water. We suggest you can avoid this by opting for re-usable lower toxicity plastic bottles or stainless steel or glass bottles. You’ll also be helping to keep landfills and oceans from overflowing with pollution from single-use plastic bottles.

~ If you must purchase the occasional plastic bottle of water, be aware that as of October 2010, there are 11 U.S. states that have container deposit laws where you are charged a deposit fee at the time of your purchase, and if you return the empty bottles to the market, you receive that deposit money back!  If there is no deposit required where you purchase water in plastic bottles, please help out the world and help lower clean-up costs by tosssing those bottles into a recycle bin instead of the trash.

The Blog Action Day Blog states that a billion people don’t have access to clean water, and every week 42,000 people die from unsafe water.  An Informative article by Tara Lohan, “Annie Leonard Tackles Our Bottled Water Addiction“, suggests ways to become involved in the effort to help ensure clean and affordable drinking water for everyone.

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