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End Cabin Fever For Free

“There’s nothing to do!” Sound familiar?

From the mid-summer to the post-holiday  lull, finding fun ways to address the “There’s nothing to do’s” and spend time together without spending a fortune is always a challenge.

In the winter months, once the intense activities surrounding the holidays has subsided The gift exchanges and parties are over, here’s no more shopping to do, holiday cookies have all been given out and and consumed, but…  you’ve still got family and friends visiting from out of town, kids home from school, and a few days off from work  — now what?  You can only play scrabble, read stories, and watch classic James Bond films on TV so many times.  Bowling or the movie theater is always an option, but those can get pretty pricey. Hang out at the mall, and you go over-board with the after-holiday sales.

Recently we spent a day visiting two local art galleries.  One featured an exhibit that was being judged by one of the world’s most well respected print gallery directors who gave a great talk and tour of the pieces. The other was an opening of a new gallery with a collection from modern artists, and they also served wine and food.  We got to enjoy feeling like we were on a little (much needed) vacation, AND the best part: both events were completely free!

We’re going to be on the look out for similar opportunities to stave off cabin fever over the next couple of weeks. There are free events and activities going on in every town all the time, the question is how do you find them?   Some simple tips:

  • Search on line: Put the city and state name, followed by the term: free events. Try also using the terms: free activities  or  free openings
  • Check local newspapers, yes, real newspapers, in addition to online newspapers, local cable TV stations, and local bulletin boards in stores and shops.
  • Sign up for notification: When you’re out doing errands stop in at nearby book or music stores, coffee shops, galleries, museums, colleges, or libraries and sign up to be notified of their events and openings.  Usually you can opt for the more ecological choice and get notified via email. You won’t have to worry about spam if you create an email account to be used specifically for this purpose.


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