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The Free Pasta Dinner That Almost Got Away… Tips to save money on grocery shopping

We walked into our local Stop ‘n Shop Super Market and were immediately greeted by a sign which read, “Receive a Free Nature’s Promise Pasta and Sauce With Purchase of $25 or More.” Nature’s Promise is Stop ‘n Shop’s house organic brand. We were going to be spending over $25 anyway and we welcomed the opportunity to prepare a dinner on their dime. We finished our shopping, selected our Nature’s Promise pasta and sauce and went to check out. At check out, as the cashier was ringing our purchases up we noticed that she charged us for the pasta and sauce. We mentioned the deal and she removed the pasta charge from the tab.  We reminded her that the deal was supposed to be for both the pasta and the sauce.  She said that no it was only for one or the other. We then showed her the picture we had taken with our phone of the sign at the entrance which clearly states the offer was for both.  Eventually we received credit for both the pasta and the sauce… which once again does prove, it pays to double check, and speak up.  While we enjoyed receiving the credit, the real benefit wasn’t so much the $5 we ended up being credited, but the opportunity to try something new, and the two meals (yes, TWO) we ended up preparing and enjoying as a result.

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