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7 Money Saving Winter Travel Tips

The winter travel season is a full one, containing Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, February/Winter school breaks, and Valentines Day – plenty of opportunities for travel. While any warm weather sunny destination would be a welcomed change from colder weather locations, a snowy spot with great skiing and winter sport activities is also a big draw. And don’t forget cruises, a year-round welcomed travel adventure. Wherever you may be thinking of venturing, these pointers on winter travel will make it less stressful and easier on your budget for smoother sailing, or skiing, or…

14 Tips to Save Money on Cruises –  14 top travel savings tips to get the most from your vacation budget while onboard cruise ships from travel advisor, Jason Cochran.

Ski Resort Savings – Budget friendly ways to save on winter getaways and vacations from Travel Insider, Jeanenne Diefendorf.

How to Afford a Winter Vacation – Title says it all!  A little planning will take you far toward making your winter vacation a reality. These 5 money saving pointers on budgeting & travel planning will get your where you want to go!

How to Plan a Winter Vacation – Booking a vacation over the holidays? Amy Ziff, Editor-at-Large, gives insider tips for getting the vacation and savings you really want.

Travel Planning Tips – Thinking about booking that vacation?  Bob Atkinson,’s travel expert, gives his top ten tips to make it easy and as easy on your budget as possible.

Avoid Hotel Money Traps – Did you know that your hotel is rigged with money traps? Christopher Elliott tells you the top 3 traps to watch out for so you can save money while traveling.

Use Credit Cards to Save in Bartering – Here’s an simple unconventional use of credit cards that could add up to big some money savings during vacation travel… or maybe anytime, from travel reporter, Peter Greenberg.

More travel money saving pointers in SLTV post:

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DIY Holiday Crafts for Kids

Create some holiday fun for kids during the holiday season. They’ll feel great about their creative ideas when they make unique gifts for friends and family or teachers. These are easy, inexpensive projects for decorations, ornaments or gifts that just about any age child (or adult) can easily do.  And, they make great activities to keep kids busy during your holiday events.

Of course, keep in mind that anything with a particular theme, ie: Christmas, can be adapted to reflect any other holiday affiliation, symbols and colors.

Kids Christmas Craft Idea – Our friends at found this creative easy DYI  Christmas holiday craft idea that kids can do & use as a tree ornament, house or door decoration, or gift card, from

Kids DIY Xmas Tree Ornaments – DIY Christmas Tree ornaments! sows how to use inexpensive paints, sharpies, twistie ties or pipe cleaners, paper cups & egg cartons! Easy fun project kids will love creating, and a fun activity to enhance a holiday party.

Holiday Crafts for Kids – Founder of and a member of the team, creative crafter, Michelle Sybert, shares easy projects families & kids can do and use for holiday gifts.

More ideas in:

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8 Ideas for a Happy Hanukkah Party on a Budget

Hanukkah’s first night is November 27, 2013

Celebrate Hanukkah with these budget-friendly festive ideas for delicious food, latkes, dreidels, and easy DIY card and decoration crafts to create a party that everyone will enjoy!

Middle Eastern Hanukkah Recipes – Author of the cookbook, Fist Full of Lentils, chef Jennifer Abadi, shows two eash Middle Eastern recipes perfect for Hanukkah dinner in this video.

Hanukkah No-Bake Cake – TV’s Semi-Homemade host, Sandra Lee, shows how to put together an easy no-bake cake anyone can do in this clip!

Making Hanukkah Latkes – Segment with Susie Fishbein, author of Kosher-by-Design cookbooks, demonstrating her recipe for Hanukkah latkes.

How to Make Hanukkah Decorations– This video shows how fun, easy, and festive decorations that are a snap to create!

Make Your Own Child-Friendly Menorah – A clip with ParentsTV host, Juli Auclair, with Amanda Kingloff, Parents Magazine Life Style Director show how.

Make an Origami Dreidel – Video with Yami Yamauchi  shows step-by-step DYI roject to make the traditional Hanukkah dreidel out of paper!

The Chanukah Song – Adam Sandler, Live in Chicago, performs his classic comedy song.

More videos with party and entertaining ideas:

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Saving Money With Xmas in July. . . ?

What’s all this “Christmas in July” really about?

Some people might think that “Xmas in July” is nothing more than a sales ploy…an attempt to create more consume, consume, consume.  But we at Spend Less don’t look at it like that.  During the holiday season we find we’re often dashing around at the last minute frantically trying to pull something together for the inevitable friend or relative who was inadvertently left off the list, or the surprise out of town guest who shows up on gift-sharing day, or the grab-bag party that suddenly falls on your lap to host.  That’s where “Xmas in July” comes in.  Why wait for the last minute? What better time than now to snag that fabulous holiday outfit, plan for DIY projects,  stock up on accessories to set a festive party table  or create a welcoming front door wreath? And planning ahead means you can take advantage of off-season reduced prices, cut down on impulse spending, and have fewer parking space confrontations on Black Friday.

To celebrate Xmas in July and hopefully spare you some last-minute frantic grief, Spend Less TV has made these festive video links available now. We know you’ll love not only the savings tips in these videos, but also the creative ideas and festive mood they set…we can already smell the chestnuts roasting in an open fire….

What are some frantic last minute chores you’d like to avoid this next holiday season?

Use What You Have to Decorate for Holidays – Editor of Good Housekeeping, Andie Huber

Handmade Gifts – Kim Danger, founder of

Holiday Decorating on a Budget – Interior designer Lisa Canning

Decorating Budget Tips – Designer Kelly Edwards, from TV’s “Design on a Dime”

We originally wrote this entry for MidwestMom blog who had invited us to be a guest blogger for her Xmas in July event on July 14, 2009. We really enjoyed the opportunity to contribute our videos to her fantastic festive ideas. MidwestMom blog is no longer active and the author has retired to focus on other career pursuits and spend more time with her family. We know she’ll excel, and we send our best.

Winter Holiday Fun Facts: See an impressive List of World-Wide Winter Festivals

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20 Holiday Party Ideas for Any Budget

Holiday Entertaining?

We’ve got you and your wallet covered! Here we’re featuring videos with ideas for creative entertaining  to share with your friends and family the best budget-friendly, elegant, frugally festive and fantastic, parties for the holiday season. You’ll find these creative ideas for decorations, serving suggestions, recipes, table settings, craft projects, kids activities, and more, will make your holiday event spectacular. Use your own color choices to reflect Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or whatever holiday tradition you celebrate, and enjoy!


Appetizers, Elegant Presentation – Mindy Kobrin

Unique Party Hord’oeuvres – Andrea Correale

Party in the Pantry – Annette Joseph

Champagne & Sparkling Wines –


Create Festive Votive Holders – Mar Jennings

Holiday Fantastic Centerpiece Ideas – Colin Cowie

Holiday Nature Decor – Mar Jennings

Festive and Holiday Decor – Hosea Rosenberg

Festive but Frugal Holiday Parties – The Party Goddess

Holiday Entertaining – Georgeanne Brennan

Holiday Tips for Entertaining – Jenna DeAngeles

Flowers: Festive & Easy– Janette Ewen

Get Festive, Go Green!– Danny Seo

Holiday Hosting for Less– Kimberly Danger

Holiday Lights, Energy Savings Tips – Kimberly Danger

Kwanzaa Decorating – Sheila Bridges

Hanukkah Party Decorations for Kids

Holiday Party Activities for Kids – Lisa Kothari


The Gift… Basket? A blog post with budget-friendly tips for creating gift collections.

… And to cozy-up your computer screen:

Fireplace Video – Just add marshmallows

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The Gift… Basket?

The all time favorite gift to give:  the gift… basket?

Spend Less TV’s categories are brimming with videos featuring amazing budget–friendly holiday shopping tips and gifting ideas.  We’ve sifted through our money-saving channels to find some of the most helpful video giving tips on making your holiday gifts festive, your friends and family smile, and your wallet happy.

We happen to love that universal great gift, The Gift Basket. You can create a fantastic “basket” for as much or as little expense as fits your budget or your desire. They are the ultimate for creativity, versatility and flexibility, and a basket doesn’t even have to be a basket!  Add a more personal touch and a “wow” factor by using a unique vessel to hold your collection of gift items. (pictured above: coffee-table games in an over-sized fish bowl that can later be used to hold flowers, serve goldfish crackers, or even be a home to a real fish!)

In addition to having good savings tips, the videos below will serve as inspiration as they reveal gift basket possibilities… and we’ve tossed in 12 of our own suggestions to get you started.

General – Gift Baskets:

Gift Baskets, Make ’em Creative! – Creative Juice

Gift Baskets for the Holidays Grocery School


Select the Right Tree for Your Yard, Get More for Your Money – Editor-in Chief Better Homes and Gardens

Gardening Gifts – Phyllis Stephens, KXLY4

Gardening Great Gifts under $40 –

Gift Idea: Take a gardening bag, or big bright colorful plastic paint bucket, fill with various hand tools, a re-usable water bottle (for the gardener), sunscreen, sun visor, gloves, plastic clogs or flip-flops, and some seed packets.


Celeb Jewelry for Less – The Lia Sophia Line

Luxury Labels For Less, Online – Vera Gibbons

Clothes Swap – Shoestring Mag. & Punkystyle Blog

Affordable Handbags –

Gift Idea, for her: Take decorative hatbox, fill with vintage jewelry, scarves, delicate gloves, a beautiful belt, lingerie, perfume samples, and maybe… even a hat!

Gift Idea, for him: Find a box from a home goods or craft store that could sit on a dresser or desk top, fill with cuff links, a belt, pocket squares, a scarf, gloves, cologne samples, and maybe… even a hat!


Blu-ray vs DVD – a Comparison Report

Coupon Codes for Electronics, too! – Brads Deals

Energy Saving TV’s – Find the Best – Brooke Carlson

Tech Holiday Gifts, How to Save $ – Good Housekeeping

Gift Idea: A small vintage suitcase would make a great container for any Techie Basket.  Fill with surge protector, extension cords, fasteners to keep cords tangle-free, batteries, a label maker, and a gift certificate for mp3 downloads, a DVD delivery service or online film subscription.

Food, Drink, Cooking:

Spinach Artichoke Tarts – 99 Cents Only Store Cookbook

99 Little Pumpkin Pies – 99 Cents Only Store Cookbook Recipe

Champagne & Sparkling Wines –

Cocktails – Festive & Budget – Dee Brun

Go Gourmet: Impress Guests for Less – Hope Fox

How to Buy a Xmas Ham

Wine Bargains & How to Find Them – David Ohr

Wine for Less – Martin Sinkoff

Wine: 10 Extraordinary Tips Save Time & Money – Christine Ansbacher

Gift Idea: Of course the topic of food, drink, and cooking is enormous and there are endless  possibilities…  don’t forget a cookbook (even a booklet you download for free) or a recipe card makes a great enhancement to any basket!

A foodie idea: Take a pie pan, fill with apples, peaches, strawberries or plums, a card with grandma’s famous fruit pie recipe, spices from the recipe, a cool pie slicer-server, a pot holder, and wrap it all up in an oversized nifty new dish towel.

A wine idea: Take a galvanized bucket from the hardware store, or a ‘real’ ice bucket, and in the bucket place 2 bottles of wine (Two Buck Chuck, anyone?), two gourmet cheeses, a box of your favorite crackers or a loaf of hearty bread, and a little bamboo cutting board.


Amazing Beauty Tips for Less – Diane Irons

Aspirin Facial Mask – Michelle Phan

Beauty Secrets From Your Kitchen – Rachel Hayes

Beauty Secrets of Models & Celebrities with At Home Items! – Diane Irons

Beauty: Best Bargains – Paula Begoun

Beauty Secrets From Your Kitchen – Rachel hayes

Take advantage of those frequent cosmetic give-aways for free samples or totes that can be added in for extra pizazz.

Gift Idea: for her and/or him: The items mentioned in the beauty/cosmetic videos above would be great to gather together for a spa basket:  get a big beautiful plastic or stainless steel bowl and fill with as many items as you can find, along with a few new washcloths, hand towels, and a scented candle or two, include the instructions, and to kick it up a notch: a bathrobe.

Gift Idea for her: Take a vintage milk bottle holder, or a rustic wooden fruit crate and place in that : a loofa, back brush, pumice stone, some votive candles, decorative bottles that you’ve filled with bath salts and bubble baths, (either vintage or new bottles are inexpensive and you can use corks for the tops if needed), and a gift certificate or I.O.U. for a massage.

Gift Idea for him: A galvanized bucket or bin filled with a loofa, back brush, pumice stone, matching scented: soap, shaving cream and shower gel, and a gift certificate or I.O.U. for a massage.


Gift-Giving for Less – Kimberly Danger

Handmade Gifts – Kimberly Danger

Green Gift Ideas – Danny Seo

It was no easy task to narrow down the selection, so check through the categories from time to time to catch the many more terrific money-saving and creative tips we didn’t have room to include here, and remember we’re always posting new videos, so check back to keep up with the inventory…or please consider subscribing to receive notice as soon as new videos are posted.

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