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9 Black Friday Shopping Apps

Smart phones and technology can help make your shopping easier, especially on Black Friday (doesn’t THAT sound nice?). Here are video reviews of Black Friday and other shopping apps that can help you save time and money:

Tech reviewer Matts MacIntosh shows two phone apps to find coupons and locations that accept them, find apps and track their price changes, scan bar codes and then located the best deals. He reviews Yoowza!, AppSniper and RedLaser: reviews three and evaluates the performance of these three apps designed for shopping Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals . Find out if  the cost of these iPhone & iPad Touch mobile apps are worth their potential savings:

The Daily App Show reviews The Find, a mobile app that ties online and offline shopping together. You can price compare, scan bar codes, locate products and save information to save money. For iPhone and Android:

Crazy Mike from walks you through the features of THI Friday iPhone App, a free money-saving app:

Owen Robbins from KRRS Systems reviews the money-saving and coupon app called, The Coupons App for iPhones, iPad, Android devices. They also feature Black Friday deals:

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Watch Free Live TV on Your Computer, Mobile Device, and Television Set!

Where we live, cable, television, internet, house phone and cell phone all come with pretty steep price tags, no matter how much we try to limit our plan, or packages, or “deals” it always seems to be too high.

Television is our highest price drain. And we confess, until there’s a quality reliable resource to get what we want for less, we’re not ready to give it up.  But things are changing.

Watching television programming on the computer has been available for some time and is becoming more of a viable alternative via sites like; and now you can view replays of broadcasts directly from the networks own online websites as well. Sites like Netflix offer members an inventory of movies and pre-recorded TV series’ that can be watched on computer. All of that goes a long way toward fulfilling any television fan’s needs.

But what if you don’t want to sit at the computer longer than you already do? What if you want to watch live TV, as opposed to a program that’s already aired? And what if you want to watch either pre-recorded shows, movies, or live programs right on your actual television set?

Now there are easy ways to view live television on your PC or Mac computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Windows 4-g cell phones, and use those devices to also watch live TV, right on your television.

In today’s tech world, where you’re already paying for services like internet and paying extra for wireless ability on mobile devices like iPads and  4-g cell phones, why not use those resources to their fullest extent and get every dime’s worth? We’re featuring here  videos that mention some free or very inexpensive apps. and programs which do not require the purchase of additional hardware (like slingbox, for example) other than the cords needed to connect your mobile device or your computer to your TV set. The cords can run from $10 to around $50. Check on or and you may find better prices than in electronics stores.

We regret to say that we haven’t had a chance to try these out ourselves yet, so we cannot provide first-hand knowledge, personal reviews or endorsements… but we’d love to hear back of your experiences!

Watch TV Online for Free – Watching TV online may be free, but is it right for you? Tech reporter, Kim Komando, gives her favorite web sites for programs, shows, movies, sports & more.

Live TV Free: tvuplayer – Chris from the iTouchiPodz youtube tech review channel, shows us the free app: tvuplayer which allows you to receive live tv programs on your iPhone, Mac, PC or  windows phone.

Live TV on Pocket PC’s & Phones: Handitv – Receive live television directly on your Windows pocket pc’s & smartphones with Handitv. There is a one-time fee of around $20.

Free Live TV on Your Computer: Zattoo – Tech reviewer, Duncan Maile shows Zattoo, a young growing free online computer app. to watch live television broadcasts on a computer based on your IP address location.

Live Mobile TV: PocketLiveTV – A one-time software purchase of $15 gives you live television – watch live TV on your mobile device with PocketLiveTV. Works on any Pocket PC phone with a WiFi or 3G connection.

Connect a PC to an HDTV – Jason Robert Johnson from tech reviews blog, shows how to connect your desktop or laptop computer to your HDTV using cables.

Connect Mac or PC to an HDTV – How to connect your Mac or PC laptop to a HD television 3 different ways: with VGA cable, S-Video cord, and wireless.

How to Connect iPhone, iPod Touch to HDTV – This brief tutorial from John Painter of, shows how to connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to a TV for watching on a larger television screen.

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Pay at Starbucks With New Mobile & Cell Phone App

Starbucks continues its leap to the tech cutting edge. Starbucks has been testing their mobile and smartphone app in various test markets, and this week marked their official launch. This app allows you to make purchases using your cell phone at any Starbucks Coffee destination, and also to receive points and special offers. Could there be any drawbacks? Here are two videos offering reviews of the app and a few words of caution that any savvy cafe-loving consumer would want to consider:

Starbucks Mobile Payment App – Now you can use Blackberrys, iPhones, & iPod Touch to pay digitally for purchases & receive perks from Starbucks, reports. Sounds good, but Tech News World warns to proceed with tech caution until the mobile app is tried-and-true.

Starbucks Mobile App – Chris Clackum reports on how you can now use mobile devices & smartphones, rather than cash, check or credit cards, to pay at Starbucks. But Catey Hill from warns: watch out for impulse spending.

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Money Saving Mobile & Cell Phone Travel Apps

Travel is always costly. But saving money, time, and hassle doesn’t have to be tedious or difficult, especially with the mobile travel applications now available, many of which are free. Here from the SpendLessTV collection of videos, are reviews and information on 41 mobile travel applications on everything from language translations, to maps and directions, to avoiding traffic jams, to finding entertainment, to receiving updates on your flights; see which ones are best suited for your travel needs, budget and fun.

Mobile Apps for Driving Savings – CBS science & tech correspondent, Daniel Sieberg, gives 3 mobile travel driving apps that will help you find cheaper gas, avoid traffic & prevent extra fines & fees saving you time & hassle

iPhone Travel Apps –  Traveling out of country with your iPone? This clip from Revision3/AppJudgment gives data tips to save you money & also gives 8 app reviews which will make your travel experience a cheaper & more convenient one.

Apps for the Outdoors – Tech reporter,  Kim Komando shows 5 cell phone travel apps to make the most of your outdoor adventures: surf report, marine navigation, animal identification, bird watching and butterflies.

25 Mobile Apps for Travel – Ellie Rountree  from Rocketboom Tech reviews 25 mobile and cell phone applications for money saving, shopping, comfort, and more hassle-free travel.

Mobile Travel App, TripCatch – Mobile travel app for BlackBerry, Andriod, Symbian, and iPhone  from WorldMatesaves time & money by catching all your travel email updates/alerts into one interactive WorldMate sub-program, TripCatch. Keeps you up to date & even able to locate alternate flights.

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5 Black Friday Money Saving iPhone Apps

The cutting edge in money saving for Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be as close as your iPhone or iPad Touch, or not… find out which app is worth its fee or effort before you head out to take on the holiday deal shopping frenzy.

BlackFridaySteals iPhone App – This video features a review from and helps you determine if the 99-Cents you spend to purchase this mobile app will be worth it for the money you may end up saving when using this to shop Black Friday Deals.

TGI Black Friday iPhone App – Crazy Mike from walks you through the features of this cell phone free money saving app in this clip.’s Black Friday App –  This paid iphone and iPad Touch app from, receives surprising marks from tech app reviewer, in this “must see” video review.

Black Friday Deals App –  In this clip shows how this shopping app for Black Friday & Cyber Monday works, and evaluates if the cost of this iPhone and  iPad Touch mobile app is worth it’s potential savings to you.

3 Money Saving iPhone Apps – Tech Reviewer, Matts MacIntosh, shares  3 mobile apps in this segment: 1) receive  coupons and locations where they are accepted,  2) check and track prices for mobile apps, and  3) scan bar codes & then locate the best deals.

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