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Easter Entertaining On a Budget


Easter occurs at that time of year when everything is blooming new and fresh, and here in the East coast of the U.S. we begin to venture outdoors once again after a long winter’s hibernation.  The holiday conjures up thoughts of colorful flowers, candy, gift baskets, outdoor games, and a spring feast to celebrate with friends and family. Here are easy Easter entertaining tips with everything from decorations, to tasty meals, to kids games and craft activities to create an abundant Easter celebration without putting a dent in your budget.

Spring Vegetarian Greens & Quinoa Pie – Mary Margaret Chappell, Vegetarian Times Magazine Editor shows easy vegetarian recipe for a dish that’s sure to compliment any Spring table and every guest’s appetite.

Easter Feast, 3-Course, Serve 4, Under $35 – Executive editor of Gourmet Magazine, “Doc” Willoughby shares a 3-course Easter feast that serves 4 people for under $35. Budget recipes: Spring Greens Salad, Herb Roasted Pork Loin, & Lemon Glazed Butter Cake.

Easter Gift Baskets Going Light – Diet editor and author of Finally Thin, Kim Bensen shares ways to make your Easter gift baskets healthier, kid-friendly, delicious and fun.

The Best Way to Peel a Hard-Boiled Egg – We use this technique and it’s hands down the best way to peel hard-boiled eggs –  especially handy when you have several to do.

Easter & Spring Table Decor  Simple budget-friendly Easter or spring decoration ideas for your table & home. These dollar store #DIY’s ideas from Sunday Burquest would also make great favors for guests or hostess gifts too. 

DIY Easter Basket from Recycled Items – A member of the San Diego Craft Mafia, CrafterMeagan Rae shows clever, easy ways to make budget and eco-kind Easter baskets from items you probably already have at home.

Stretch Your Easter Basket Goodies – Fun, healthier and eco-friendly ways to stretch your Easter basket goodies to last all year long. Money saving expert Denise Winston gives budget friendly ideas.

Kids Easter Game – Easy DIY project kids can do using Crayola Model Magic Fusion & plastic eggs to make this fun matching game. Perfect for Easter day – or any day – fun

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Father’s Day Fabulous (and frugal)

U.S. Father’s Day falls in June, on the third Sunday of the month.

Create a fantastic Father’s Day! Here are tips on affordable & eco-friendly gifts, preparing a top notch meal,  DIY crafts for gifts that both kids and adults can create, and pointers on how to be a fantastic host for Father’s Day. We give you everything you need to create a fabulous day for Dad while keeping your budget balanced and your wallet full!

Grilled Sausage 3-Course Under $35 – Budget friendly gourmet 3-Course meal under $35  – Father and son chefs, Joe Isidori, Executive Chef of NYC’s Harbor Restaurant, and Arthur Isidori, Saucier Chef at Admiral’s Cove in Juniper, Florida, together show their recipes for Tomato Salad,  Tomato Basil Pasta,  Sweet & Spicy Grilled Sausage… UMMM!

Top 5 Eco Gifts for Father’s Day – Save money, the earth, and bring a smile to Dad with these 5 top budget and eco friendly pics for Father’s Day gifts from founder, Steffany Boldrini.

Gifts for Dad that Kids Can Create – Emily Hover from gives 7 easy, fun & budget friendly DIY ideas that kids can create for Father’s Day gifts for Dad.

Make a Paper Wallet in Under 2-Minutes – How To Make a paper wallet – Easy DIY using only paper that anyone can do and Dad will love. Great for business cards or photos, too!

6 Steps to Hosting a Great Father’s Day – Sometimes just a little undivided attention is all that Dad needs to make his Father’s Day celebration truly special. Here are 6 tips to being the perfect host of a perfect day for Dad.

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Free Cosco Baby Stroller Offer from CVS


This is a wonderful offer from CVS for a FREE  Cosco Umbrella Baby Stroller, a $17.99 value:

The Cosco Umbrella Stroller is FREE when you shop on line and spend just $25 at CVS on baby products, which is easy to do, right? If you have young ones you’re going to do that anyway. The Cosco Umbrella Stroller is a great extra to have on hand, or keep in the car. It also makes a convienent travel stroller, too. And if you don’t have young ones, maybe a family member or friend does, or will.. bundled all together, this would make a nice baby shower gift.

We also suggest: Why not take advantage of this offer and pay it forward by donating the goods and stroller to a shelter, or family in need.

Hurry, this CVS Free Stroller online offer expires 11:59 pm ET, 3/13/11

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Valentine’s Day on a Budget

It’s easy to treat all the loves in your life to affectionate surprises with these amore-filled Valentine’s Day ideas that your wallet will adore, too!

Rich Romantic Times for Less – Pointers to set the stage for unforgettable romantic dates that won’t over-burden your wallet, in this Original clip from Sean Stephenson, Relationship expert, therapist, speaker, and author.

Chocolate Recipes for Valentine’s Day – Prepare a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner?Easy! Food historian, Francine Segan, shows two beautiful, affordable, and simple recipes using – what else?  Chocolate!

How To Have a Happy Valentine’s Day on a Budget – 7 Easy how-to steps you can use to warm someone’s heart on Valentine’s Day without spending a lot of money.. ah… doesn’t that sound nice?

Valentine’s Day Savings – Kelli Grant, Senior Consumer Reporter, gives Valentine’s Day tips on how to keep spending on budget and save money when buying gifts for your loved one.

Chinese Inspired Budget Valentines Gifts – Budget friendly Chinese inspired gift ideas: Everything you need to create a romantic thoughtful afternoon and evening for your Valentine.

Valentine Treats for Kids – Kit Bennett from shows how you can easily make Valentine’s Day special for your kids with fun-to-eat heart shaped treats & snacks throughout the day.

Make a Rose from a Paper Napkin – How to make a DIY easy, fast, romantic rose from a paper napkin… Doesn’t get much more budget-friendly than that!

More in our post: 20 Big Time (& Budget) Valentine Day Ideas.Yep! 20! We give you more wallet-friendly and love-filled ideas for gifts, decorations, kids crafts, recipes, fashion, champagne, date ideas, and yes – even weddings!~

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DIY Holiday Crafts for Kids

Create some holiday fun for kids during the holiday season. They’ll feel great about their creative ideas when they make unique gifts for friends and family or teachers. These are easy, inexpensive projects for decorations, ornaments or gifts that just about any age child (or adult) can easily do.  And, they make great activities to keep kids busy during your holiday events.

Of course, keep in mind that anything with a particular theme, ie: Christmas, can be adapted to reflect any other holiday affiliation, symbols and colors.

Kids Christmas Craft Idea – Our friends at found this creative easy DYI  Christmas holiday craft idea that kids can do & use as a tree ornament, house or door decoration, or gift card, from

Kids DIY Xmas Tree Ornaments – DIY Christmas Tree ornaments! sows how to use inexpensive paints, sharpies, twistie ties or pipe cleaners, paper cups & egg cartons! Easy fun project kids will love creating, and a fun activity to enhance a holiday party.

Holiday Crafts for Kids – Founder of and a member of the team, creative crafter, Michelle Sybert, shares easy projects families & kids can do and use for holiday gifts.

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