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Have A Happy New Year’s Eve (on a Budget!)

The perfect way to start saving money is… with a party of course! A New Year’s Eve party is just the ticket to prove to yourself that you can have a fantastic evening, look sensational, eat, drink and be merry, even host an event – and all while staying on budget! These videos give wallet-friendly ways to enjoy and/or host a New Year’s Eve bash so you can go ahead and usher in the New Year with a new “can do” attitude! So, go ahead, celebrate!

Easy New Year’s Eve Party Ideas – Better Homes & Gardens Holiday Editor, Evette Rios, shows Hoda and Kathie Lee ideas to dress up your New Year’s Eve party with quick craft projects and re-purposing holiday decor.

New Year’s Eve Party Comfort Foods on a Budget – Executive chef at New York’s Stanton Social, Chris Santos, shows recipes for budget-friendly comfort party dishes without spending over $80. Philly Cheesesteak Sliders, Potato Skins, Mac & Cheese, Chicken Caesar Bites, Ginger Sparkler Cocktail, Guinness Cake.

New Year’s Eve Party for under $100 – Owner and operator of A Perfect Event, Debi Lilly, gives tips to create a low-cost but elegant New Year’s Eve party using items you may already have on hand.

Inexpensive New Year’s Eve Party Ideas – Bryan Rafanelli, event designer of Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, shares his tips for easy ultra-affordable and ultra-fun New Year’s Eve Party ideas that everyone will love (including your wallet).

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3 Important Money Advisories to Know on Credit, Debit & Stock Investing

2010 presented many with an extra dose of  personal budget and financial challenges. During that year the U.S. government enacted many changes that we continusly grow more familiar with and adjust to. Here are three vitally important warnings and some solid advice to arm yourself with regarding debt collection, credit card companies, and stock investing as you and your own personal savings and budgeting plan move forward.

Debt Collector Warning – Personal Finance author, David Bach, gives an important tip regarding “time barred debt” & protecting yourself from private debt collectors.

Credit Card Opt-In Warning – Finance advisor Jean Chatzky’s warning regarding one of THE most important items to pay attention to regarding the credit card changes implemented in 2010: Your card company’s request for you to “Opt In” regarding over limit protection. If you did opt in, you may want to change that status, and opt out.

Stock Investing Advice – Author and finance advisor, Manisha Thakor, gives info. to help you determine if stock investing is right for you now, and if so, how to do it in a cautious and safer way.

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A Free New Year’s Eve


Happy New Year!

A New Year’s Eve blue moon may only happen every 10 years or so, but you can create a free New Year’s Eve Celebration every year! (or every day if you really like!)

Here are a couple of finds that you may enjoy:

Take note,  history is free! To usher in t2010, not only will a full moon light up the evening, but a blue moon will help ring in the new year for those in the Western hemisphere.  So don’t forget to take a break to look up at the night sky.   You may not actually see the moon in the color blue.  The moon may sometimes appear to be blue, but the term “blue moon” refers to the second full moon in a month which occurs just once every 2.7 years.  The last blue moon to glow on New Year’s Eve was 19 years ago, in 1990.

Watch free ~ LIVE ~ Streaming Videos of New Year’s Celebrations from cities All Over the World: Earth Cam

Of course, in one of the world’s most popular New Year’s Celebration hubs, New York City,  it wouldn’t be New Year’s Eve without the  traditional free Times Square Crystal Ball Celebration! But there’s more than that. Check out this link to NYC activities, many of which are free:, New Year’s Eve in New York City. (and with many hotel rooms running from  $350 to well into the thousands per night on New Year’s Eve, these may come in real handy!)

In Los Angeles, Calif., Universal City Walk has a free huge outdoor New Year’s Eve Countdown Bash open to the public.

There are so many more free events in cities and communities around the world.  We found a ton of free offers on everything from midnight runs, to free cab and train rides, to e-greeting cards, by doing one simple google search.

To find activities in your city, try an online search using terms like:

-your city- free new year’s eve

And enjoy your night!

Wishing all our readers and viewers a healthy, prosperous, secure, and happy year.

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Celebrate the New Year in Style and On a Budget

SLTV blog post: Start the New Year In Style and On Budget

The year’s last festive hurrah’s (Party! Yea! And on a budget!)

New Year’s resolutions, reflections, and gearing up for the annual taking-over-of-the-dining-room-table-in-preparation-for- meeting-the-tax deadline-on-time-this-year, isn’t far off, but for now we’re focusing on enjoying the year’s one last festive hurrah! New Year’s Eve celebrations can be a blast, and it’s possible to do it on a shoestring, too! Hosting a great party doesn’t have to be a huge expensive event. One way to spread the joy and save a few pennies is to ask guests to contribute. Friends love participating and having a hand in welcoming in the new year right. We’re not hosting an event this year, but we were invited to share New Year’s Eve with friends who asked for guests to contribute something to eat or drink, or bring a party game, or a great story to share. It can be a simple as that. But there’s more than one way to have a New Year’s bash without breaking the bank! These videos offer tons of different ways to ring in the new year  in style and on budget.

Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

How to Host a Budget New Year’s Eve Party – Everything you need to host a smashing successful budget New Year’s Eve Party with these money saving tips

How to Make New Year’s Party Glasses –  Make New Year’s party eye glasses for your celebration this year! It’s a fun easy DIY craft project for kids and adults that will festive up & brighten up your night!

Limo’s – How to Get the Best Deal – Special event? Tips to find the best deal on limos, so you can arrive in style.

New Year’s Eve Ideas – Kick off your New Year’s Eve party with fashionable & affordable ideas for any budget. From party hats to hangover kits with Cathie from DIY Network’s Creative Juice show, on iVillage.

New Year’s Eve Menu – Fun, fast & fabulous foods in this New Year’s Eve menu from Six Minute Style host Susan Doherty, that’s time-saving & money saving and perfect for your budget.

New Year’s Eve Party Makeup Tutorial – How to sparkle & look glamourous for the new year. This Michelle Phan makeup tutorial is also great for other lavish parties or clubbing.

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