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9 Black Friday Shopping Apps

Smart phones and technology can help make your shopping easier, especially on Black Friday (doesn’t THAT sound nice?). Here are video reviews of Black Friday and other shopping apps that can help you save time and money:

Tech reviewer Matts MacIntosh shows two phone apps to find coupons and locations that accept them, find apps and track their price changes, scan bar codes and then located the best deals. He reviews Yoowza!, AppSniper and RedLaser: reviews three and evaluates the performance of these three apps designed for shopping Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals . Find out if  the cost of these iPhone & iPad Touch mobile apps are worth their potential savings:

The Daily App Show reviews The Find, a mobile app that ties online and offline shopping together. You can price compare, scan bar codes, locate products and save information to save money. For iPhone and Android:

Crazy Mike from walks you through the features of THI Friday iPhone App, a free money-saving app:

Owen Robbins from KRRS Systems reviews the money-saving and coupon app called, The Coupons App for iPhones, iPad, Android devices. They also feature Black Friday deals:

More Black Friday Savings strategies in our posts:

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Black Friday Previews

Black Friday continues to arrive earlier and earlier each year, and this year is no exception. Not only do Black Friday “specials” come earlier, but the “previews” (aka “leaks”) of deals, doorbusters, and specials that stores will be offering on Black Friday come earlier and earlier too.

While I personally am not a Black Friday Shopping Fanatic, I know there are thousands of you who will brave the jammed parking lots, crowds, long lines, and limited stock on doorbuster deals to take advantage of bargains that can be found on that discount shopping day. And, being well prepared in advance is one of the best ways for you to get the most out of those deals.

So for those who are determined to take part in the Black Friday Shopping ritual, we bring you some of our favorite sites and articles for finding Black Friday deal previews, tips and tricks:

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Delio –

Catch more holiday shopping tips –

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A Super Simple Way to Save Money When Shopping

If something doesn’t seem right…

Shopping sales, using coupons and codes, waiting for ultra clearance deals all are great ways to save money.  But there’s one thing that could cost you money, even with those discounts and clearance prices: not double checking. I noticed a tweet from mentioning a Columbia sportswear clearance sale with prices up to 70% off. I clicked on the link, browsed over the items in the clearance section, and noticed two sweaters that appeared to be identical to each other, but priced differently. One was $54 and the other $45. I opened each page, compared the features listed, sku numbers, close-up pictures, and other than a variation in the color selection, there was no difference. One was listed at 40% off, the other at 50% off. We would receive an easy 10% savings just for taking a quick 5 minutes to do a little simple double check. If something doesn’t seem right… double check.

More easy ways to save when shopping:

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8 Money Saving Mobile & Cell Phone Apps

Shopping season is every season, and there’s always room for saving money. Why spend more if you don’t have to? Especially when it’s so easy now to receive savings, coupons, special offers, and even transact financial business with a simple tap on your cell phone or computer screen!  Catch these money saving mobile and cell phone apps, and make every day an easy savings day.

Shopping App, TheFind – A review from The Daily App Show on TheFind, a shopping app that ties online & offline shopping together. You can price compare, locate, and save info. to save money. For iPhone & Android.

3 Money Saving Cell Phone Apps – Tech Reviewer, Matts MacIntosh, shares 3 mobile apps, 1) Yowza! to receive coupons and locations where they are accepted,  2) AppSniper to check and track prices for mobile apps, and  3) RedLaser to scan bar codes & then locate the best deals.

Text Messaging Coupons – San Diego, Calif. reporter, Consumer Bob, shows how Money Mailer uses cell phone texts to distribute coupons.

Never Clip Safeway & P&G Coupons Again – Money saving deal reporter, Colleen O’Brien, shows how you can use your cell phone for Safeway, P&G, loyalty program and coupon savings.

Text Message Coupons? – Valpak is going tech. See how you can get Valpak offers directly on your cellphone.

Tips for Tech Online Shopping – Tech reporter, Ellie Roundtree from, gives two of her favorite money saving coupon mobile phone apps.

Pay a Bill With a Text? – interviews Andrew Kortina, co-founder of Venmo, an online and text messaging service to exchange money.

Electric MeterRead Cell Phone App –  See how this app can read your electric meter so you can see where to save energy, save money, and check to see if you are being billed correctly.

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