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Save Money on Holiday Travel

Are you ready for the busiest travel season of the year? Thanksgiving is the busiest travel time for driving, but we were surprised to learn that the fall and winter holidays are not the busiest airport travel days… mid-July carries the busiest days for flyers.  But travel around the November, December and January holidays sure do feel like the busiest all around. They absolutely are high in-demand airport travel times and carry big price tags in every travel category, from transportation to lodging; couple that with family expectations and specific time constraints with limited options, and it all translates to:  the pressure is on.

If you’re traveling for the holidays, you can save yourself some stress, time, and money by preparing early with the excellent tips in these videos… and then you can sit back and really enjoy the holidays!

Cheapest Days to Fly – Another clip from, video gives best days to book for big savings – Nice to know for Holidays!

Holiday Air Travel Deals – A segment from  Travel and Leisure Magazine features director, Nilou Motamed, giving websites & pointers.

Holiday Air Travel Planning Tips – Clip gives simple tip could save you stress & money during the busy holiday season (wouldn’t that be nice?).

Hotel Booking Tips – Great pointers and tips from the LA Times Travel Editor.

Top Secret Hotel Booking Tip – This single tip could bring you big savings from founder, Martin Lewis.

Cheap Car Rentals, 22 Money Saving How-To Tips – Rental cars can be a high priced drain. This SpendLessTV blog post gives all the best tips we’ve found, which could save you a bundle on your rental car!

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How to Save Money at Theme and Amusement Parks

Whoo Hoo! Theme parks, amusement parks, rides, thrills, adventure, fantasy… all spells big vacation bucks! Or does it? There are ways to save while spending time in amusement and theme parks whether that’s for a week long vacation or a day-trip adventure. Here are the expert’s pointers to getting the most for your thrill-packed dollars!


Purchasing your amusement park’s passes or tickets in advance, before you get to the ticket booths, can offer a real savings. Check online for specific special offers at sites like, or Do an online search using terms like: coupons theme parks, or coupons discounts Disney.

Timing can make a huge difference. If you can go “off season” you’ll save money and avoid crowds. The time of day may also make a difference for example, discounts are frequently being offered for visits after 4:00 p.m.

Opt for multi-day passes and package options. Also, before you purchase passes, consider how you want to handle your dining and food options. You nay want to include a food pass as part of  your admittance package as well. (see below “Food: Off-site may not be better for food”)

Ask for discounts: Ask if they accept membership discounts from groups like AAA, AARP, Sam’s Club or Costco, veterans, emergency workers, unions, etc. No harm in being creative and asking whatever you can think of!

  • Check with your credit card company to see if they have a promotional deal in effect.
  • Your employer may also have discount offers.
  • Always ask if there are price differences for seniors and/or students and/or children/youth.
  • Groups receive discounts. Find out what qualifies for a “group” discount; if you qualify you could receive some nice savings.
  • Locals may receive discounts. Many parks offer discounts to local residents, be sure to ask about this if you live nearby.
  • Celebrating a special event, birthday or anniversary?
    Discounts may apply, or a special acknowledgement, coupon, freebie or upgrade.

Lodging: Both on-site and off-site offer advantages, and either may end up being better for lodging. It’s well worth a little time do to some research on hotel and transportation rates and package deals that are offered both in the park itself, and in surrounding areas a little ways out from the park.  If inquiring on lodging in an area outside the park perimeter be sure to  ask if there are discounts on their room rates, and in addition, ask if they offer discount packages for park admission, and/or transportation to and from the park. Sometimes a package deal from the park with lodging on-site will be the better option but you won’t know until you check.

Food: Off-site may not be better for food. Sometimes a pre-paid package for all you can eat on-site is the better bargain. This really depends on how you anticipate spending your days and nights. If you plan on being on-site for the bulk of the time, a pre-paid package will probably be the way to go.  But if you plan on splitting your time between the park and touring or relaxing around the pool or shore, you may be better of on your own.

Shopping:  For souvenirs off-site and in nearby towns will almost always be the better way to go.

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7 Money Saving Winter Travel Tips

The winter travel season is a full one, containing Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, February/Winter school breaks, and Valentines Day – plenty of opportunities for travel. While any warm weather sunny destination would be a welcomed change from colder weather locations, a snowy spot with great skiing and winter sport activities is also a big draw. And don’t forget cruises, a year-round welcomed travel adventure. Wherever you may be thinking of venturing, these pointers on winter travel will make it less stressful and easier on your budget for smoother sailing, or skiing, or…

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Avoid Hotel Money Traps – Did you know that your hotel is rigged with money traps? Christopher Elliott tells you the top 3 traps to watch out for so you can save money while traveling.

Use Credit Cards to Save in Bartering – Here’s an simple unconventional use of credit cards that could add up to big some money savings during vacation travel… or maybe anytime, from travel reporter, Peter Greenberg.

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