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Rich Romantic Times for Less

Relationship expert, therapist, author and speaker Sean Stephenson gives you what you need to keep your wallet happy, wine & dine, be cozy, creative, get communicative and... who knows?

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Rich Romantic Times for Less
Spring is blooming and love is in the air...

...and you'd like to enjoy it all and impress your sweetie. But... how do you give your date that rich classy time with a wallet running on empty?

Enjoying time together isn't really all about what you spend, its REALLY about the relationship -- relating and communicating with each other. So the key challenge is: how do you entice more communication, while hopefully enjoying an unforgettable activity in a setting that moves you both further along in the direction of your ultimate desires? Never fear! Relationship expert, therapist, author and speaker Sean Stephenson gives you what you need to keep your wallet happy, wine and dine, be cozy, creative, get communicative, and... who knows?

Sean Stephenson is 3 feet tall and confined to a wheelchair. Sean has proven himself to be unstoppable as a globally known author, speaker, therapist and soon to be PhD. He authored the book, "Get Off Your But", debuted his own TV show, "Three Foot Giant" on the BIO channel, shared the speaker's podium with the Dalai Lama and received his blessings. He has appeared on TV countless times including the Oprah and Jimmy Kimmel shows. Sean consults on personal effectiveness and has served high profile CEOs as well as famous performers and athletes.

Connect with Sean Stephenson:
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Twitter: @TheSeantourage

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Video Transcript: "Rich Romantic Times for Less" a Original video with Sean Stephenson:

Hi, I'm Sean Stephenson, and this little message is for

In my years of being a therapist, a professional speaker, an author, I have spent a lot of time around human beings. I've been to about 11 countries and 47 states, and I love human beings. I love seeing the way that we all tick. And what fascinates most about humans is how they interact when they are in love. More specifically, how do they handle relationships?

Relationships are difficult in and of itself, but what about relationships on a budget? Hmmm.. that can seem a bit daunting.

You know if you're a guy you may feel this tremendous pull to want to buy your woman fancy jewelry. If you're a girl you want to buy fancy outfits to catch your man's eye. There's all these things that we want to be able to do for each other that cost money... go to expensive bed and breakfast's up in beautiful mountains, and go to Venice, and travel to the Virgin Islands, and there's just all these things that we can do in relationships when we have money.

But what about those that do not have a lot of money? What about those that are pinching to just get by? Do they not have the right to have great relationships? I don't believe so.

In this edition of, I'm going to share three places that you can go, three places where you can go, on a budget, that are fun, that are romantic, and that are memorable, that you and your date will remember for a very long time and you can do it without breaking the bank.

#1) Let's say you want to create a classy atmosphere, where both of the parties feel that there's an abundance around you; that you already have money, even though you don't. How do you create that?

Well, when I was in college, and even a little bit out of college, when I started my business, I found a great spot to take a person on a date on a budget, is to a hotel bar. Now, you might be thinking, "Ah, that sounds pretty cheesy!" Nah, na, na! Find the nicest hotel in your town, and maybe you have to take your date to a hotel further of town to some gorgeous place that has a beautiful lobby, you know gorgeous art work and beautiful rugs on the ground, and the hotel lobby bar is just filled with interesting people. And what you do is you get a few drinks, or drinks and appetizers, and desert, and you even make it clear up-front, "Hey, we're just going for appetizers and desert, are you cool with that?" And what happens is you're in the gorgeous rich atmosphere where you feel that abundance is coming your way, but you can do it without breaking the bank. For a only a small amount of money you can create the atmosphere almost as if you were spending the weekend there in this luxurious spot. Especially if you can get in and go to a pool, a hotel pool bar where you can hang out, maybe sneak in - but you didn't hear that from me. And a lot of these hotel pool bars are on the rooftop, with these gorgeous views, and you can go there at sunset... I'm tellin' ya... I did it on a college budget, and it's really magnificent.

#2) Nature. The brain loves fresh, clean oxygen. Where does it get that? Out in the real world, out in nature, in mountains, by lakes, or rivers, or oceans, whatever it may be - go out where it's free - forest preserves, beaches, wherever you can drive, maybe it's foothills, and just take your date into the wilderness. Take them into the countryside, farmland, it doesn't matter, and go for a long walk. Side-by-side, there's something magical that takes place when two human beings are in stride, talking about life while winding down a country road or climbing up a hill or out by the ocean, and last I checked nature doesn't cost much. Maybe you have to pay for parking at the forest preserve, so be it, it's not very much in comparison to the type of memory you're going to create.

So, the #3) third and final one that you're going to want to do is, you're going to take your date into a place where they can become creative. How can you do that? Go buy some art supplies, not much, just go get some sketch pads and some pens; get some markers or some molding clay and say, "Today I want you to express what you're feeling in art, whatever it is you're feeling, whatever it is, if it's excided, happy, sad, in love, whatever it may be, express it with this art." And then give that person the outlet to have fun with just some markers, or sketch pad, or clay. Doesn't cost very much, and when we were kids we absolutely loved that. You'll create a phenomenal date experience if you do one of those three things.

I hope this was of value to you and I wish you all the best in your love life, all the areas in your life, and being able to do it on a budget and be able to create an atmosphere where you feel worthy of having phenomenal experiences.

I'm Sean Stephenson and thanks for watching.

Relationship expert, therapist, author and speaker, Sean Stephenson, gives you what you need to keep your wallet happy, wine & dine, be cozy, creative, get communicative, and... who knows? Do More... For Less with the Money-Saving Tips & Videos on - Get More for Your Money, and Your Life!